The Mandalorian Star Giancarlo Esposito Shows Off Epic Fan Art as Older Miles Morales

The Mandalorian star Giancarlo Esposito shows off epic fan art of himself as an older Miles [...]

The Mandalorian star Giancarlo Esposito shows off epic fan art of himself as an older Miles Morales. It feels like the Moff Gideon actor has been everywhere as of late. He's become a favorite for sinister turns all over the entertainment landscape. But, this piece of art from Gryphon509 sees the Ultimate Spider-Man with a touch of grey looking out over a cityscape. There is no doubt at all that this was perfectly suited to Miles Morales: The End. In that tale from Saladin Ahmed, the Wall-Crawler is the only thing between Brooklyn and utter destruction. It's a post apocalyptic future and only a widened version of the Spider-Man can ensure that humanity will survive. If Marvel ever chose to adapt the story, Esposito would be a great choice for an older more pensive Morales. Maybe one day we could see it on the big screen, but nothing is imminent.

Saladin was asked by what makes Miles different from Peter. The writer gave an interesting answer to that very question.

"That's an interesting question. think the answer for most people is that Miles is cooler," he laughed. "He's not the constantly put upon figure that Peter is. I get that, and I think that's true. But, Peter is a very isolated figure, apart from Aunt May and other people in his life that he's always at a remove from. What I'm digging into with this book is Miles' folks know what he does. You know? I really think the family dynamic and Miles being connected to the community and the people around him in a way that's less fraught than Peter."

Saladin added, "It leads to a different kind of thing. Wanting to protect. And it's going to be fun to explore."

Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan co-creator Sana Amanat said that more characters like this would only be a good thing.

"We've accomplished quite a bit, but we have a ways to go," Amanat explained in 2017. "We have to promote the diverse characters across the platforms in different formats. We are bringing in creators of different backgrounds to tell stories from a different point of view, particularly the minority characters."

Marvel describes Miles Morales: The End:

THE FINAL MILES MORALES STORY! Humanity makes its last stand in the only place strong enough to survive: BROOKLYN. Former Spider-Man, Miles Morales, leads the last bastion of civilization into the future! Penned by MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN author SALADIN AHMED!

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