Kevin Feige Says Marvel Studios Will Hire More Women to Direct

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will change in some big ways after Avengers 4 and according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige that includes the addition of more female directors to upcoming projects.

Speaking at the 2018 Produced By Conference this weekend, Feige spoke about the overall future of the MCU and, in addition to speaking to plans for different stories after Avengers 4, he also addressed gender diversity when it comes to directing projects, promising a "heck of a lot of them" will be helmed by women.

"I cannot promise that all 20 Marvel movies will have female directors but a heck of a lot of them will," Feige said.

Female directors have been in short supply in the MCU. While the television side of the MCU has featured women -- most notably Jessica Jones' second season which had all female directors -- the only film project to have a female director is the upcoming Captain Marvel which is being co-directed by Anna Boden. Other female directors, such as Ava DuVernay who had been considered for Black Panther, haven't made it to the finished projects for various reasons.

Feige's comment at Produced By Conference also isn't the first time there's been talk about more female directors being a priority for Marvel. Last month it was reported that the studio had met with over 65 different directors to take on the Black Widow solo film, potentially including Deniz Gaze (the Turkish movie Mustang), Chloe Zhao (The Rider), and Amma Asante (A United Kingdom).

How many movies end up being directed remains to be seen, but it will also be interesting to see which movies end up being made. Feige also discussed the studio's plans to introduce Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan to the universe once Captain Marvel has debuted

"We wanted to get Captain Marvel out there first so that there is something for a young Muslim girl to get inspired by," he said.


Avengers: Infinity War is now playing in theaters. Other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies include Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019, the fourth Avengers movie on May 3, 2019, the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 5th, 2019, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2020.

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