Marvel's WandaVision Spinoff With Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness In The Works

Marvel's WandaVision Disney+ series is getting a spinoff show centered around Kathryn Hahn's witch character, Agatha Harkness. According to reports, Hahn will return to play Agatha in what is being described as "a dark comedy." The exact storyline and setting details are not being revealed yet, but WandaVision writer Jac Schaeffer will both write and executive produce the Agatha Harkness series. This would be the first project under Schaeffer's new overall deal with Marvel Studios and 20th Century television. Marvel fans will certainly be buzzing at the news, as Hahn's Agatha Harkness is not only a fan favorite but also a very pivotal character in Marvel lore. 

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In Marvel Comics Agatha Harkness is one of the older and more powerful witches on Earth. As a survivor of the Salem Witch Trials, Agatha has been involved in magical fights and/or movements on both the good and evil sides of the line. Her connection to Vision and Wanda Maximoff (which the MCU series drew on) includes teaching Scarlet Witch to master her Hex Powers, and making a deal with the devil (Mephisto) in order to help Wanda create her sons Billy and Tommy. She also helped Wanda when it was discovered that Kang the Conqueror's future variant self Immortus was pulling the strings of Wanda and Vision's lives (with Wanda being the "Nexus Being" of pivotal importance to the multiverse). 

Aside from Wanda and Vision, Agatha Harkness played a prominent role in the Fantastic Four franchise. It was actually Fantastic Four comics of the 1970s that first introduced Harkness as the "governess" of Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue Richards, who is a powerful Omega-level mutant capable of warping and changing reality with but a thought. Agatha fought beside the Fantastic Four until eventually moving on to become Wanda's tutor. Agatha was eventually killed by Scarlet Witch during the lead-up to the "House of M" reality Wanda creates. Harkness still has a presence in the Marvel Universe as a ghost spirit in Marvel's retconned "New Multiverse," following the Secret Wars event.  

Obviously, everything mentioned above is fertile ground for Marvel Studios to build on for this Agatha Harkness series. WandaVision left fans with many unanswered questions about the character - starting with the source and nature of her dark magic. Even Kathryn Hahn acknowledged (in a previous interview) that there could easily be more Agatha story to tell in the MCU - before she ever knew she'd get the chance: 

"If I were to ever come back, there's so many aspects of her that I think are fascinating," Hahn said. "She touches in so many different worlds throughout the comics. You know, she's a centuries-old witch and has seen a lot, and there's a lot of different people and beings that she's crossed paths with over the last couple of centuries, so that would be a blast to explore."

We agree with Kathryn Hahn: it is going to be a blast to explore! 

No release date or production timeline (yet) for Marvel's Agatha Harkness series. 

Source: Variety