Marvel Artist Shares Beyonce Inspired Comic Book Cover

Comic book covers referencing popular culture are nothing new, with DC and Marvel often dedicating months of their popular titles to homage everything from movie posters to album covers to selfie culture.

Marvel has added another new cover to that mix with their upcoming second issue of America. The cover, designed by the series' illustrator Joe Quinones, was recent unveiled on his Twitter account.

The series focuses on America Chavez/Miss America, a superpowered teen with superspeed, flight, and the ability to 'punch through dimensions.' After first coming into the Marvel Comics universe in 2011, Chavez rose to prominence as a member of the Young Avengers. She since has become a fan favorite, in part for her positive representation as a queer Latina superhero.

The cover for America's second issue shows Chavez in a Beyonce-inspired getup. While the outfit pays homage to the singer's "Formation" music video, it becomes truly unique through the addition of stars and stripes.


Fan response to this cover has been overwhelmingly positive, meaning it's safe to expect this issue to be a popular item when it hits comic book shelves in April.