Marvel Entertainment Announces New Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, Marvel Entertainment named C.B. Cebulski as its new editor-in-chief. Cebulski will be replacing Axel Alonso who has served the company in that role since 2011, but is now leaving.

Cebulski was hired by Marvel in a full time capacity in 2002, where he served as an associate editor. In 2011, Cebulski was promoted to vice president of international brand management. Now, as editor-in-chief, Cebulski will be responsible for the entire editorial and creative side of Marvel publishing. This includes the recruiting of new creators and the shaping of ongoing sagas for the various characters throughout the Marvel books.

"It's crazy. It's an honor. I'm blown away by the opportunity," Cebulski told The New York Times.

“C.B. is one of the most well-known, liked and respected editors and personalities in the comics industry. He has a keen understanding of the Marvel brand, and knows the importance of publishing within the larger Marvel ecosystem,” said Dan Buckley, President, Marvel Entertainment. “As our characters continue to reach unprecedented levels of global popularity, we need to ensure our core comic business sets the standard with fresh and compelling graphic storytelling that excites both our longtime fan base and new fans. Marvel has set a high bar for super hero stories for over 75 years, and we believe C.B. is perfectly positioned to take Marvel Comics to new heights.”

Marvel wished the best to Alonso following his departure, releasing this statement on Twitter: