Marvel's Eternals Crosses $300 Million at the Global Box Office

Marvel's Eternals crossed $300 million at the global box office. The movie continues to rack up those ticket sales across the world, and the movies have basically roared back in recent months. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Venom both helped open the door. No Time To Die continues to absolutely crush across the board as well. Earlier this year, F9 and Godzilla vs Kong helped prime audiences for theaters again too. Dune proved that it wasn't just big established properties that could hang at the box office. But, Eternals was looked at as a wild gamble for the MCU heading into this year. Concerns shifted once again as the initial reviews weren't nearly as glowing for the latest Marvel Studios picture. Audiences' response has been much better, and the proof is in these latest box office numbers. It will be interesting to see if it can catch Shang-Chi or Venom before the year is over.

Marvel executive Victoria Alonso recently spoke with Variety about the mixed reviews about their latest release. In her eyes, the fans are the true determinators of what success looks like for this film.

"We have tried to stir it up and sometimes the critics are not with us. That's OK. That's OK...," Alonso explained. "We thank you for being a critic. We thank you for writing about us. And the fans will decide… Diversity and inclusion is not a political game for us. It is 100 percent a responsibility because you don't get to have the global success that we have given the Walt Disney Company without the support of people around the world of every kind of human there is."

Previously, THR talked to Chloe Zhao about her use of practical effects on Eternals. Her approach was greatly influenced by that aesthetic. A lot of viewers were struck by the natural beauty on display during the movie.

"When I pitched the film, we spent half the time talking about what and the other half talking about how. That's very important to me. Sometimes, we get excited about the what but we don't talk about how," Zhao said of her decision making process. "We knew that this film had to be immersive, and we knew that there had to be a level of realism to everything, from action to the Eternals in historic periods. So we, as the audience, have to actually believe that these immortal aliens have walked the planet for several thousand years. I want the audience to discover these characters and their relationship with this planet."

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