Marvel Free Digital Comics Offer Gets Overwhelming Response

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When Marvel announced at SXSW that they are giving away 700 free digital comic books, everyone likely knew that it would generate lots of interest. And no matter how much anyone tries to prepare for an announcement like that, it seldom turns out to be enough. Immediately after the announcement, users flooded the ComiXology and the Marvel Comics Digital Comics Shop (powered by ComiXology) to download their free digital comics. Unfortunately, many have been encountering slow pages or a site that's not loading at all. Numerous users have take to Twitter to express their displeasure about not being able to get their free digital comics. ComiXology has been responding via their Twitter account urging patience, as they try to get their servers running at full steam again Soon after the announcement, ComiXology tweeted, "Okay seeing some heavy server traffic after that last announcement… Just like @MuchCoffee predicted." ComiXology followed it up with "We're not pointing fingers, but IT RHYMES WITH @MARVEL!" and "You know what's great about digital comics? We never run out. Ever. Let's all take a deep and soothing breath, right @AgentM?" For those currently encountering slow or crashing servers, the promotion actually runs until 11PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 12, so there should be plenty of time for everyone to get their free digital comics.