Marvel Brings Back a Major Cosmic Villain

Marvel just brought back one of its greatest cosmic villains in the conclusion to its latest [...]

Marvel just brought back one of its greatest cosmic villains in the conclusion to its latest Infinity event.

SPOILERS for Infinity Wars #6 by Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin follow.

Infinity Wars began when Gamora took on the identity of Requiem, murdered Thanos, and took possession all six Infinity Stones. Gamora used the power of the Infinity Stone to "fold the universe in half," creating a new universe called Warped World where everyone is a combination of two characters from the Marvel Universe.

Loki was unaffected by this reality-altering event. He set about assembling a team of cosmic Avengers to try to set the world back the way it was. The team succeeded only for Loki to steal the Infinity Stones for himself.

He took the stones to the Quarry of Creation to have a glimpse at his future and get answers about the cosmos. What he sees convinces him that he's actually done all of this before and deliberately made it difficult for himself to attempt to do it again. This takes the wind out of him and he surrenders the Infinity Stones to his cosmic Avengers. With the help of Adam Warlock and Drax's sacrifice, they use the power of the Infinity Stones to restore the Marvel Universe to what it was while keeping Warped World alive inside the Soul Stone.

Now returned home, the heroes must decide what to do with Gamora and the Stones. Warlock takes it upon himself to seize the Time Stone and freeze time, giving himself a moment to consider what happens next. He ultimately decides to use the Stones to send Gamora away so that she won't be killed by Moondragon and Phyla-Vell. When asked where he sent Gamora, Warlock says he doesn't know. He simply told the Stones to send her where she could do the most good.

Gamora finds herself on a barren planet. In front of her is a large cocoon. She kicks the cocoon open to reveal a humanoid being inside. It looks like a dark version of Adam Warlock, which longtime Marvel fans may recognize as Magus.

Magus Infinity Wars
(Photo: Mike Deodato, Frank Martin, Gerry Duggan, Marvel Entertainment)

Magus is a version of Adam Warlock from the future. The cosmic entities Master Order and Lord Chaos tried to transform Warlock into a "champion of life" capable of opposing Thanos, the "champion of death." Magus became a twisted version of Warlock instead, founding the Universal Church of Truth and becoming one of Warlock's worst enemies. Magus has been a major player in events like Infinity War and Infinity Crusade and more recently tried to track down the Infinity Stones only to be ambushed and defeated by Ultron.

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Infinity Wars #6 is on sale now.