Marvel Netflix Daredevil TV Series Filming Under Codename Bluff

Filming is underway for Marvel’s Netflix television series Daredevil, but an alias has been [...]

Filming is underway for Marvel's Netflix television series Daredevil, but an alias has been used to conceal the identity of the show.

DNA Info reports that the upcoming superhero series has been filming in Williamsburg and Greenpoint under the codename Bluff. The popular local bar Turkey's Nest Tavern has been transformed into Josie's Hell Kitchen. Sporting a neon sign and Irish flags, the establishment serves as a setting for criminal's base, according to sources and film permits.

City filming permits reference a Daredevil character as well as the production team behind the series.

Based on the popular Marvel comic book series, Daredevil is the saga of attorney Matt Murdock, who in a tragic accident was blinded as a boy but imbued with extraordinary senses. Murdock sets up practice in his old neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, New York where he now fights against injustice as a respected lawyer by day and masked vigilante at night.

The series will star Charlie Cox as The Man Without Fear, Rosario Dawson, Deborah Ann Woll and Vincent D'Onofrio as the villainous Kingpin.

All episodes are set to premiere on Netflix in May 2015.