Marvel's Tom Brevoort Shares Look at Original Thunderbolts Pitch

One of the biggest surprises to ever take place within the pages of a Marvel comic was the big [...]

One of the biggest surprises to ever take place within the pages of a Marvel comic was the big reveal that the superhero team known as the Thunderbolts were in fact villains, specifically the Masters of Evil looking to take advantage of a world bereft of many of its superheroes following the crossover event known as Onslaught, and Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort recently shared the original pitch for the shocking series! Though the Thunderbolts have continued with numerous incarnations over the years, they are still most remembered under their original status as villains under the leader of Captain America villain, Baron Zemo!

The Thunderbolts have yet to make an appearance as a team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but many believe that the players are already there to form this supervillain team that has become so well known since their debut in the pages of the comics. Baron Zemo himself, portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by actor Daniel Bruhl, is set to return in the upcoming Disney+ television series of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with many fans believing that the studio might just be sowing the seeds for the Thunderbolts to eventually get either a feature-length film or television series of their own down the line!

Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort shared the original pitch for the Thunderbolts series from writer Kurt Busiek and artist Mark Bagley, who also submitted the new look for the villain "Screaming Mimi" who joined this team of wolves in sheep's' clothing, as Songbird:

The Thunderbolts' plan was a brilliant one, gaining the public's trust as the new superheroes that were being sold as the replacement for the Avengers, who many believed had died following their battle against the villain Onslaught. Though the gig was up when Baron Zemo decided to put his plan into action in an attempt to take over the world, the Thunderbolts remained a team and gained several different incarnations over the years, with heroes, villains, and new modus operandi!

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