Is Marvel Making a Change With This She-Hulk Villain?

Marvel might be making a change with a She-Hulk villain. Fans rejoiced when Frog-Man popped up in the trailer for the Disney+ show. But, maybe that isn't the version of the character that a lo of people expected. Brandon Stanley talked to D23 at the premiere for She-Hulk. A lot of people were surprised to see his character referred to as Leap Frog instead of Frog-Man. This raises a lot of questions. Is the MCU doing the origin story for Frog-Man's father? Or is there something else going on? In the comics, Frog-Man is Eugene Patilio, but his father Vincent Patilio is Leap-Frog. The younger version inherits the suit and uses it for good. (His dad was a bad guy who did crimes dressed as a frog!) So, maybe there's a redemption story of sorts brewing. It's entirely too early to tell for sure. But, fans might want to start anticipating one of Marvel's trademark remixes when it comes to seeing these characters in live-action. Check out what he had to say down below.

He joked with the press, "Leap Frog truly is one of the best heroes to ever enter the MCU. I say that with absolute certainty. I think if Thanos and Leap Frog were in the same room, Thanos wouldn't be leaving. Trust me. Who's the smartest superhero? You're looking at him. Eugene Patilio, Leap Frog, August 18th She Hulk: Attorney at Law, watch it!"'s Jenna Anderson loved the series and reviewed it for the site. People looking for something different with the Disney+ shows are going to have a lot to like with She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. There's the trademark humor that has come to characterize the MCU, but also a lot of big swings that will delight fans of this franchise. A lot of big stuff happens in She-Hulk, so you're going to want to be attached to your screens when the new episode drops. Check out what she had to say down below.

"She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is not only the live-action debut that its titular character has always deserved, but it's a new turning point for what the MCU's TV shows are capable of," Anderson argues. "Anchored by Maslany's mesmerizing and masterful performance, the series is unafraid to be genuinely authentic, gleefully weird, and downright clever in a way that's electrifying to watch. While there's no telling what the remaining five episodes have in store, much less where Jen Walters could pop up next in the MCU, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is about to leave its mark on the superhero landscape."

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