Marvel Updates Fans on X-Men Vote Before Polls Close

It's time to find out who is leading the polls in the final 24 hours before Marvel Comics reveals who fans have voted for to be the final member of the X-Men. Marvel released a new infographic showing the Top 14 spots in the X-Men vote, which is the second year in a row that the publisher has allowed fans to vote on a member of Krakoa's official superhero team. We also find out the percentage increase and decrease each nominee has swayed over the voting time frame. Naturally, some familiar faces are rising to the top.

Leading the voting so far is Firestar, a former member of the Avengers and New Warriors who is one of the more high-profile mutants to not claim Krakoan citizenship. She is currently trending downward 1%, but that may not be enough to dethrone her from the top spot. Coming in second place is Armor trending upward at 4%; followed by the co-CXO of X-Corp, Penance, trending down at 4%; Surge trending upward at 5%, and the Wakandan Gentle trending up at 6%. The remaining five slots are Gorgon (2% down), Siryn (10% down), Avalanche (4% down), Bling! (1% up), and Micromax (14% up).

All 14 nominees and their descriptions can be found below:

  • ARMOR: Hisako Ichiki can create a powerful psionic force field around herself, giving her superhuman strength and durability. She planted the first Krakoan flower on Mars, and as a member of the New Mutants aided her brethren across the globe.
  • AVALANCHE: A long-standing member of the Brotherhood, Dominikos Petrakis used his seismokinetic powers against the X-Men. Though he was killed by the Red Skull, he was one of countless mutants to be resurrected on Krakoa, where he became an agent of S.W.O.R.D.
  • BLING!: A former member of Gambit's Chevaliers squad at the Xavier school, Bling! has more recently teamed up with Psylocke and her team to defend Krakoa despite still questioning the new mutant nation's motives. She possesses a diamond-hard body, superhuman strength and the ability to fire crystalline projectiles.
  • FIRESTAR: Angelica Jones is a veteran super hero, boasting former memberships in the Avengers, New Warriors, Young Allies, and the X-Men themselves – in addition to being one of Spider-Man's most amazing friends. Despite her codename, her powers are microwave-based, allowing her to ignite, melt, or otherwise superheat whatever she targets. She has yet to claim Krakoan citizenship…
  • GENTLE: The first X-Man to hail from the nation of Wakanda, Nezhno Abidemi now calls Krakoa his home. His mutant power allows him to exponentially increase his musculature, giving him almost limitless strength and invulnerability.
  • GORGON: Like the mythical creature of his namesake, Tomi Shishido's gaze can turn anyone who meets it into stone. Although he possesses many other superpowers, Gorgon's proficiency with swords is his greatest strength. Due to his skill with a blade, he was able to turn the tide at a crucial moment during the Contest of Swords in Otherworld. Unfortunately, he died doing so and came back… different.
  • MICROMAX: A British mutant, Scott Wright has served as an agent of various agencies of the Crown including MI13 and F.I.6. In the past, he was also briefly a member of Excalibur – and controversially O*N*E* – when he came into conflict with many of his fellow mutants.
  • PENANCE: Monet St. Croix touts herself as a near-perfect mutant specimen, with a wide range of powers and talents. Also, though she once considered it a burden, Monet is now capable of shifting to and from her deadly Penance form at will. She currently is the co-CXO of X-Corp.
  • SIRYN: The daughter of lauded X-Man Banshee, Theresa Cassidy made a name for herself as a member of X-Factor, making use of the same sonic powers as her father. The current X-Factor team was finally able to free her from the influence of the divine being known as Morrigan, to whom she'd sacrificed to save a fellow mutant.
  • SURGE: One of the most powerful electrokinetics on Krakoa, Noriko Ashida can produce devastating blasts of lightning and move at incredible speeds. She's poised to team-up with her fellow New X-Men alums to protect the next generation of mutantdom.

Head to the polls and let your voice be heard! Voting will remain open until 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 13th.