Marvel’s What If Reveals Marvel Zombies Avengers Poster

Marvel’s What If…? series on Disney+ has a brand new poster with the Marvel Zombies front and [...]

Marvel's What If…? series on Disney+ has a brand new poster with the Marvel Zombies front and center. Now, fans have been anticipating the very idea of the strange storyline making its way to the MCU in some capacity for years now. It seems as though they're finally going to get their wish in an upcoming episode of the DIsney+ show. On the poster, the undead walk among the living as a worse for wear Steve Rogers and a green Tony Stark are looking pretty menacing in the middle of a city streak. The viewer must note that Captain America's costume reflects where he was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with a little more flourish. Tony Stark has on the Infinity War nanotech armor, which is even more interesting because that would mean this timeline has some wild divergences from the "main" MCU timeline. If that even exists anymore after the events of Loki. No matter what goes down, What If promises to be one heck of a ride.

Previously, spoke to head writer AC Bradley about the upcoming series. In that conversation, it was revealed that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige actually helped select some of the storylines for the Disney+ program.

"We looked at the big moments of the MCU and thought about ways to twist them—that's where we started," AC Bradley explained. "We came up with 30 loglines and pitched them to Kevin Feige. He picked 25 of them. That was big, because we knew we were on the right track. But then we had to narrow it down more, and eventually found our season."

"That gave us a broader brush to paint with, so to speak," director Bryan Andrews also mentioned. "It's an immediate in to a massive audience, many of whom aren't familiar with the comics, but just loved the movies."

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