Marvel Casts Method Man, Ethan Peck and More in New Marvels Series

Marvel is following up their Wolverine: The Long Night podcast with Marvels, a podcast retelling of the Marvels limited series from Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, which was released to much fame and acclaim, back in the mid-90s. Now Marvel has announced the voice cast for Marvels, and it has some high-profile names involved.

Check out the full cast of the Marvels podcast below, along with some initial details about the show:

"The show's cast includes Clifford "Method Man" Smith (Wu-Tang Clan, HBO's The Deuce) as Ben Urich, AnnaSophia Robb (Hulu's The Act) as Marcia Hardesty, Ethan Peck (In Time, The Sorcerer's Apprentice) as Mr. Fantastic, and Seth Barrish (Showtime's Billions) as Phil Sheldon.

Marvels takes place in the aftermath of the Fantastic Four's battle with Galactus, high above New York City, for the fate of the world. One intrepid photographer, an ambitious college student, and a cynical journalist embark on an investigation to confirm or debunk one of the most super-powered conspiracy theories of all time.

"Building off our award-winning momentum of Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night and its sequel Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail, the New Media team is thrilled to continue to push the envelope of Super Hero storytelling via the scripted podcast medium," says Shane Rahmani, SVP and GM, Marvel New Media. "We are passionate about the space and feel we've brought the right cast, story, and intrigue in this latest installment."

Also cast in the series are Louisa Krause as Sue Storm, Jake Hart as Ben Grimm, Ehad Berisha as Johnny Storm, Teo Rapp-Olsson as Peter Parker, and Gabriela Ortega as Charlie Martinez.

Stitcher and Marvel have assembled a writing and production team of some of the biggest names in the podcasting industry. Marvels is written by Lauren Shippen (The Bright Sessions, The AM Archives) and directed by Paul Bae (The Black Tapes, The Big Loop). Mischa Stanton (The Bright Sessions, LeVar Burton Reads, The AM Archives) will oversee sound design. The series is produced by Harry Go and Jennifer Manel of Marvel and T. Square of Stitcher."


Wolverine: The Long Night has become a successful first venture into podcast storytelling for Marvel, and it will be interesting to see just how many fans turn out for this podcast, as Marvels is, as stated, one of Marvel's most acclaimed stories from the '90s era.

The Marvels podcast will begin airing in the fall. It will be 10 episodes long, and stream exclusively on Stitcher, until it gets a wider release in 2020.