Marvel's The Punisher Just Crossed A Line No One Expected

Spoilers for this week's Punisher #6 follow! The pages of Jason Aaron, Paul Azaceta, and Jesus Saiz's new run on The Punisher has been filled with shocking moments, some that recontextualize everything about the near fifty year history of Frank Castle in Marvel Comics. Among the many surprising things, in addition to, you know, Frank becoming a key member of the ninja death cult The Hand, is that they've suckered Frank into working for them by promising something no one else could, the return of his family. In the pantheon of comic book characters that have stayed dead, the wife and children of Frank Castle seemed like they'd never be back, and now we know why.

Though The Hand appeared to have no problem resurrecting Maria Castle, Frank's wife, the group have spent a lot of time trying to resurrect young Lisa and Frank Jr. without success. Most of this month's issue focuses on Frank fighting none other than the God of War himself, Ares, but when he returns to The Hand's lair his confronted with a shocking revelation, the attempts to revive his children have failed....again. When he goes to see them, Castle is confronted with a mass of Cronenberg-like blobs of flesh, fingers growing on top of fingers, and multiple pairs of eyes that stare out in anguish. 

"It's always difficult with children," the high priestess tells Frank. "Especially ones who've been dead longer than they were alive....I'm afraid that every time we've tried and fail to produce...viable results, it's left less physical material to work with. Even the magic elixirs blessed by the beasts have their limits." Frank commands the priestess and the soldiers to leave, killing his revived children himself with his sword.

Afterwards Frank hurls into a pond, staring at his reflection as his ponders what he's done. Before he can really come to terms with what he's just done though he's confronted with another specter from his past, none other than the Man Without Fear himself, Daredevil. You can find the full cover and solicitation for hte next issue of Punisher below.

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Punisher #7
(W) Jason Aaron (A) Paul Azaceta (A/CA) Jesus Saiz
As Frank wrestles with devils within and without, Maria Castle finds more and more of her memories returning, including ones of those fateful days when her husband first returned from war. Or did he?
In Shops: Nov 02, 2022
SRP: $4.99