Marvel's The Punisher Now Has Super Powers

As readers of Marvel Comics may recall, Frank Castle recently renounced his use of firearms for a new life, one as the leader of the ninja death cult The Hand. That's right, The Punisher traded in his guns for swords, and his trademark logo for a new one. Four issues into the new run on The Punisher however, and already seemingly making a major change to the character's backstory, writer Jason Aaron has done something that alters the character at a fundamental level, now he has super powers. Let's dig into it below, naturally, spoilers follows for Punisher #4.

For a few issues now the seed has been planted that perhaps for his entire life, Frank Castle has been headed toward his life as The Fist of the Beast and the leader of The Hand. Many fans have seen this as a radical departure from canon for The Punisher, but the latest issue posits the question, what if all that is just manipulation by The Hand? With the question of what's real and what's not now planted in the reader's mind it becomes clear that others also wonder if Castle's place in The Hand isn't earned either, including Marvel Super Villains/former The Hand alumnus, Lady Bullseye and Lord Deathstrike.

When confronted by these two assassins it seems like Castle's place as The Fist of The Beast was a façade, except after being attacked something happens, red lightning/energy begins to emanate from him. Castle harnasses the enrgy and uses it to totally destroy Lord Deathstrike, resulting in Lady Bullseye bowing down and believing in his power. Check it out for yourself below.

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It's worth noting that after he's gained these super powers Frank finds himself in a precarious position, one that seems to imply that he's already turned on The Hand. Should that be the cast, a super-powered Frank Castle returning to the proper Marvel Universe could be a big problem. You can find the cover and full solicitation for the next issue of the series below.

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Punisher #5
(W) Jason Aaron (A) Paul Azaceta (A/CA) Jesus Saiz
Is the Punisher truly the Fist of the Beast and the predestined High Slayer of the Hand? Or is he nothing more than a prisoner of their lies? And if there's one thing Frank Castle has never been particularly good at's a prisoner.
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