Marvel's WandaVision: Voice Actress Grey DeLisle-Griffin Teases Role

Marvel fans are less than two weeks away from finally seeing the premiere episode of WandaVision, and each new piece of information we learn has us more excited for Disney+'s very first Marvel Cinematic Universe series. Earlier this week, voice actor Grey Griffin revealed on Twitter that her voice will be used on the series. That has us speculating if the sitcom-fueled series will feature an animated moment or if Griffin's is involved in another capacity. Either way, we can't wait to see, er, hear what her role will be.

"My voice is in this. ❤️," Griffin wrote. You can check out her tweet below:

Griffin has many big voice roles under her belt but is best known for being the current voice of Daphne from Scooby-Doo. She recently lent her voice to Animaniacs, Duck Tales, The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, The Owl House, Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, and much more. In fact, in the comments, she pointed out that she's voiced many Marvel characters already. Her roles include Captain Marvel, Wasp, Psylocke, Black Cat, Betty Brant, Ms. Marvel, Enchantress, Frigga, Black Widow, and more.

WandaVision will serve as the official start of the MCU's Phase 4. Recently, director Matt Shakman admitted that responsibility comes with some pressure.

"It's an honor, and it's terrifying," Shakman told SFX Magazine. "And it is surreal, like everything else [right now]. The fact that we are the first Marvel MCU property to come out since Endgame, I never could have fathomed that when we first started working on this project... But it is a wonderful way to start Marvel's work in the streaming world. A show that is a giant love letter to the history of television is a perfect way for the maker of the biggest blockbusters to come to television."


WandaVision premieres on Disney+ on January 15th. The rest of 2021's line-up includes The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on March 19th, Black Widow in theatres on May 7th, Loki debuting on Disney+ in May, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in theatres on July 9th, What If... on Disney+ this summer, Eternals in theatres on November 5th, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye coming to Disney+ later in the year, and Marvel's Spider-Man 3 in theatres on December 17th.