New Marvel Legends Pre-Orders: Japanese Spider-Man, Retro Sentinel, Firelord and More

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Hasbro has opened up a new wave of pre-orders in the Marvel Legends lineup, and it includes some gems despite being a bit more subdued than what we are used to seeing from their launch events. The collection includes a figure that's based on the 1978 Japanese live-action Spider-Man tokusatsu television series from Toei Company, a 3.75-inch oversized Retro Sentinel, Fantastic Four Retro Firelord, Bombastic Bag Man, a Mojoworld 4-pack and more.

A breakdown of each new figure in Hasbro's Marvel Legends lineup can be found below complete with pre-order links. Note that US shipping is currently free at Entertainment Earth on all orders $39+ using the code SPRINGFREE22 at checkout. All of the figures are expected to ship in January of 2023. 

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Japanese 6-inch Action Figure ($27.99) Pre-order at Entertainment Earth: "Celebrate 80 years of Spider-Man! This 6-inch Marvel Legends Japanese Spider-Man figure features deco and detailing inspired by the classic Japanese TOEI television series, right down to the Spider Bracelet. After gaining spider powers from the spaceship Marveller, Takuya Yamashiro takes on the identity of Spider-Man to fight Professor Monster and the Iron Cross Army! 6-inch scale plastic figure includes alternate hands and web accessories."

Fantastic Four Retro Marvel Legends Firelord Action Figure ($24.99) Pre-order at Entertainment Earth: "Galactus transforms Xandarian naval officer Pryreus Kril into his newest Herald, the unwavering Firelord! This 6-inch Legends Series Firelord figure features extensive articulation, offering dynamic posability with other Marvel Legends figures. 6-inch scale figure includes fire staff and alternate hands."

Marvel Legends Retro 375 Collection Sentinel Action Figure ($24.99) Pre-order at Entertainment Earth: "From the twisted mind of Bolivar Trask, the mutant-hunting Sentinel goes on the attack! This bigger 3 3/4-inch scale action figure goes after mutantkind with alternate accessories like an alternate head, a fireblast, and a tendril."

Iron Man Retro Marvel Legends War Machine Action Figure ($24.99) Pre-order at Entertainment Earth: "This awesome 6-inch scale War Machine figure comes with removable shoulder-mounted weapon accessories, alternate hands, and missile launch and blast FX! Veteran Avenger and Air Force Colonel James Rhodes aka War Machine is one of the few people Tony Stark trusts with a version of his Iron Man armor. Includes 6-inch plastic figure, two alternate hands, blast effect, rocket effect, and two cannons."

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Marvel Legends Sharon Carter ($24.99) Pre-order at Entertainment Earth: "In hiding after breaking the Sokovia Accords, Sharon Carter inevitably finds herself entangled in Sam and Bucky's globe-trotting fight. Each Marvel Legends Disney Plus figure includes at least one Build-A-Figure piece. Collect all the figures to assemble an additional figure – Infinity Ultron! Sharon includes alternate hands, knife, and other accessories."

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Bombastic Bag-Man ($24.99) Available: December 2022 – Pre-order at Target (Exclusive): "Left without his usual costume, Peter Parker turns to a spare Fantastic 4 uniform and a brown paper bag to create the Bombastic Bag-Man! Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES BOMBASTIC BAG-MAN figure. Featuring a borrowed Fantastic 4 uniform, bare feet, and a brown paper bag to conceal his secret identity, this quality 6-inch scale figure shows Peter Parker like you may have never seen him before! Comes in retro-inspired packaging with figure and 3 accessories including a removable "kick me" sign accessory courtesy of Johnny Storm!"

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Mojoworld 4-Pack ($131.99/Available: December 2022) – Pre-order at Hasbro Pulse (Exclusive): "Tyrannical TV impresario Mojo has set his sights on the X-Men as his next big stars in Mojoworld! Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES MOJOWORLD 4-PACK. This Mojoworld figure 4-pack includes iconic characters Longshot, Marvel's Mojo, and Dazzler 6-inch action figures, as well as a Wolverine slug figure. The Mojoworld multipack features 10 entertainment-inspired accessories, including alternate heads, hands, and more."