New Marvel Series Reportedly In Development At ABC

As Agents of SHIELD ramps up production on its sixth season, reports surfacing tonight indicated [...]

As Agents of SHIELD ramps up production on its sixth season, reports surfacing tonight indicated the show starring Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet, and company may not be the lone Marvel property on the network for too long.

According to ABC Entertainment head Channing Dungey, she's "very excited" about a property — or properties — in development at the network.

"In terms of Marvel, we have somethings that we are in discussions with them right now that we are in development," Dungey told Deadline. Since it's a Marvel property, after all, virtually no new details were released in the report.

With Agents of SHIELD not premiering until next summer, the 2018-19 television season marks the first ABC won't have a superhero show in the lineup since Jed Whedon's and Maurissa Tancharoen's fan-favorite hit originally premiered.

Outside of SHIELD, ABC hasn't had the best of luck with shows in the genre. Hayley Atwell's reprisal of Peggy Carter in Agent Carter only lasted two seasons while Inhumans is widely-regarded as one of the lowest-performing properties to ever don the Marvel logo.

But the recent shortfalls isn't stopping the Disney-owned network from approaching additional superhero-based properties, according to Dungey.

"The question really is more: What kind of superhero show?" Dungey said to Bloomberg. "What's the tone and how are we doing it? I would never say we're through with superheroes."

At this point, the show — or shows — in development could be anything. The network had previously ordered a SHIELD-spinoff called Marvel's Most Wanted featuring Adrianne Palicki's Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird and Nick Blood's Lance Hunter — but the pilot never received a series order.

American Crime alum John Ridley had also been tabbed to develop a Marvel-based project for television, but virtually nothing has happened with that in a year. Last August, Dungey told the Television Critics Association that Marvel was the one holding up the property.

"I'm actually not sure." Dungey revealed. "That's a question for Marvel."

Then comes Kevin Biegel's New Warriors show that has been in limbo since being removed from Freeform's schedule earlier in the year. Originally tapped to premiere sometime this year, the show had reportedly filmed a pilot — which was apparently very-well reviewed — but has yet to announce a new home.

In fact, Marvel Entertainment Dan Buckley said he was "very proud" of the property.

"We are extremely excited about Marvel's New Warriors and look forward to finding the perfect partner to launch the series with in 2018," said Buckley.

At the end of the day, your guess is as good as mine with what this new ABC property could be. What do you think it is? Do you think it's one of the properties above or is ABC developing something completely new? Let us know in the comments below.