'New Mutants' Teasers Hint At X-Men Spinoff Movie's Villain

20th Century Fox has released several more installments in their series of short character teases for The New Mutants.

We’ve previously covered the teasers for Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams) and Cannonball (Charlie Heaton). The new teasers seem to be each dedicated to one of the three remaining New Mutants characters.

The first teaser shows an empty bedroom and has the message “Fear will follow you everywhere.” While the “fear” aspect could suggest this teaser represents Mirage, whose mutant power allows her to manifest another person’s greatest fear, we believe this one is actually for Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy), the mutant sorceress who can create teleportation discs that allow her access to the hell-realm of Limbo. This may be her room in her homeland of Russia.

Fear will follow you everywhere. #NewMutants

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The next teaser shows a smoldering flame with the message “Brighter the light, darker the shadow.” This teaser seems to be for Sunspot (Henry Zaga), who has the mutant ability to transform into a state empowered by solar energy, giving him increased strength and energy manipulation abilities.

Brighter the light, darker the shadow. #NewMutants

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The most-recent teaser is the one we believe to actually be for Mirage (Blu Hunt). The teaser shows snow falling in the woods, but with scratch marks scattered about and a bear pendant necklace nearby. The message reads “Nature never nurtured.”

Nature never nurtured. #NewMutants

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The bear token seems to be a hint at the film’s villain, the Demon Bear. The Demon Bear is a spectral villain who was created by a mystic who murdered Mirage's parents. Since then, the Demon Bear hunts Mirage, appearing in her dreams until he manifests with enough physical form to maul the young mutant.

The snowy-forest setting could be a nod to a classic shot from the original “Demon Bear Saga” in New Mutants. Drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz, who recently spent some time with the movie’s cast, Dani encounters the Demon Bear in its full form as it towers over her alone in the winter woods.


Sienkiewicz’s art and the demonic nature of the villain make the “Demon Bear Saga” a natural choice for the first in what is said to be a planned New Mutants trilogy movies that will marry the horror genre with Marvel’s mutant superheroes.

The New Mutants opens April 13, 2018. Other upcoming X-Men movies include the untitled Deadpool sequel on June 1, 2018, X-Men: Dark Phoenix on November 2, 2018, and Gambit on February 14, 2019.