New Warriors TV Series Reportedly Dead as Pilot Fails to Find New Home

In what is a major setback for Marvel, this show never got off the ground despite a lot of promise surrounding the series. It looks like Marvel's New Warriors won't even get the chance to get their feet wet, as a new report indicates that the Marvel Television series that was dropped by Freeform never got picked up by another distribution channel. This comes with several opportunities for a home as Hulu and Disney+ are both set to be major lanes for Marvel series in the future, as well as networks such as Freeform and ABC. But this new report from The GWW indicates that the series is now dead in the water, despite buzz around the pilot being positive among network executives.

New Warriors was coming from showrunner Kevin Biegel and Marvel TV executive Jeph Loeb and featured actors such as Milana Vayntrub, Callum Worthy, Matthew Moy, Keith David, Kate Comer, Derek Theler, and Jeremy Tandy as the titular heroes. It would have features characters including Squirrel Girl, Night Thrasher, Speedball, Mister Immortal, and many more as they were basically portrayed as wannabe Avengers.

The series was dropped by Freeform in November 2017, but Biegel and Loeb pushed Marvel Television to continue searching for a new home; now, it looks like that plan has ended and the show will not move forward despite positive buzz and considerable interest from fans.

Actor Keith David, who was set to play a role as government employee Ernest Vigman, recently spoke with about the project and expressed hope that it would come together, despite the fact that it had not yet found a home at that time.


"In this business, one never knows," David explained to ComicBook's Adam Barnhardt. "I would hope that at some point it would come back. Everybody seemed to like it and loved the idea. Who knows why it hasn't come to fruition yet... That's something that I cannot answer. That's not something I have any control or say in. But I would gladly be a part of it whenever, if ever it comes back."

After Freeform passed, it looks like neither Hulu, ABC, Disney+, or other networks or platforms wanted to take the risk. ABC's last Marvel Television series is set to enter its final season with Agents of SHIELD, and Hulu is currently working on Runaways, the animated Offenders umbrella of shows, as well as darker series Helstrom and Ghost Rider. Disney+ seems to be focused on letting Marvel Studios take the lead with scripted shows on their platform. And the fate of Freeform's lone offering Cloak and Dagger is up in the air.