'Phoenix Resurrection' Trailer Released

Marvel has released a new trailer for Phoenix Resurrection, the upcoming series that will bring [...]

Marvel has released a new trailer for Phoenix Resurrection, the upcoming series that will bring the original Jean Grey back into the Marvel Universe.

The series is written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by some of Marvel's top artists. Lasting five issues over five weeks, the series will lead directly into the new Jean Grey-led team book X-Men Red.

"Jean's return is tied to the Phoenix's return, and that is something that is both beautiful to the X-Men and the Marvel Universe and terrifying because with Jean comes the Phoenix," Rosenberg says in the trailer. "And so our series examines how she comes back, why she comes back, and what that means, in a bigger sense, for the X-Men and the world as a whole. Every issue has a different superstar artist taking over and showing us a piece of Jean's return."

"Our first issue's done by Leinil Yu, who is one of the most dynamic comic book artists in the industry," says editor Mark Paniccia. "We have Carlos Pacheco, a classic artist. We've got Joe Bennett on the third issue. The fourth and fifth issues are done by Ramon Rosanas and Khoi Pham."

"So the five different artists for the series were all chosen to celebrate and to really dig into Jean Grey and her whole world, as you'll see when you pick up to book, and we wanted to have a sort of surreal horror element," says assistant editor Christina Harrington. "We've got a bunch of different styles at play. Each person gets to sort of dive into a part of this weird, Lynchian world that Jean's in and it's a good to keep people sort of a little-unsettled moving between each issue."

"One of the things that really excites me as an editor about the return of a character like this is where we're going to go with her next," says Paniccia. "Her mission now, as simple as it sounds, is to save the world. The way that she's going to do this is going to take a lot of readers by surprise.

"A lot of things have changed for her, the world since Jean died," adds Harrington. "A lot of people in her life are very different or gone. So seeing her reaction to that, finding out how she reconciles that with who she is now and how she decides to be a hero in this new world is worth seeing, I think."

"Her return is big," says Rosenberg. "It's big for the Marvel Universe. It's huge for the X-Men. It's going to change the landscape of the X-Men forever.

Phoenix Resurrection begins in December.