Robert Downey Jr. Says Tony Stark Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

Hillary Iron Man

Tony Stark seems to be the type of guy that only gets involved in politics when he is made to, but Captain America: Civil War's Robert Downey Jr. did reveal what candidate he thinks the character would lean towards in this current election.

Speaking with Howard Stern, Downey Jr. said: "I believe Tony [Stark], being a budding feminist, he would say it's time to have some feminine energy in the White House."

When Howard double checked, asking if that indeed is the candidate that Tony Stark would back, Downey Jr. responded: "He does,"

The actor stays away from political conversations overall, but he did add "I'm going to vote. That's what's important."

Stern then asked if Captain America would back Ted Cruz. Downey Jr. said: "If you go along with his points of view in the movie, he would back up whoever was for accountability. It's a great year, I tell you."


Cruz is no longer an option, but Stark's nominee is still in the race. Having a guy like Stark in your corner is never really a bad thing either.