Marvel's 'Runaways' Ruin Thanksgiving In New Promo

Marvel's first series on Hulu is tapping into the dysfunction of Thanksgiving gatherings with [...]

Marvel's first series on Hulu is tapping into the dysfunction of Thanksgiving gatherings with their latest promo, offering an outlet for those who don't want to discuss politics or football at the dinner table.

A new clip advertising the premiere of Marvel's Runaways features the teens gathering around the table while Gert, ever the buzzkill, brings up numerous awful atrocities committed by settlers against the indigenous population. Check out the clip above.

The video offers a good window into the personalities of Nico, Gert, Molly, Karolina, Alex, and Chase, then teases at the sinister threat of the series: their parents.

"Escape your family."

The promo doesn't reveal much information about the plot, and the scene doesn't actually take place in the series. But it does give a good tease of what fans can expect with witty banter and a foreboding sense of dread.

The first three episodes of Runaways premiered this week on Hulu, with more following every Tuesday.

You can read our recaps of by clicking here, starting with the first episode titled "Reunion." In it, the teens come together for the first time one year after a tragedy drove them apart. But their good times are cut short with the discovery that their parents are likely members of a cult and probably just murdered a girl their age.

While series co-creator Brian K. Vaughan helped out in the writers room, they did make some major changes from the Marvel Comic that inspired it. In the show, the parents who make up the organization of PRIDE are given more prominence and focus, exploring their lives and backstories in a way to add another dimension to the conflict.

In our own review, we praised the series for how it expands upon the source material:

"Where Runaways shines is its ability to breathe, letting small moments boil over and explore into climactic crescendos, further pushing the teens and their parents into uncomfortable situations. Only so much can be accomplished in 20-plus comic book pages, and the team makes use of their runtime to expand in new directions. The series has humor and heart, blending teen angst and dramatics with compelling character conflicts, all heightened with some super powers and a conspiracy driving the action."

Marvel's Runaways airs Tuesdays on Hulu.