'Runaways' Creator Confirms Old Lace For Hulu Series

Fans of Marvel’s cult classic comic Runaways were pleasantly surprised when Hulu announced they [...]

Fans of Marvel's cult classic comic Runaways were pleasantly surprised when Hulu announced they were adapting it for a TV series, but some questioned if it would be faithful to the source material.

Series writer Brian K. Vaughan assuaged some of those concerns when he confirmed the series would include a fan-favorite character, Old Lace the dinosaur.

A user on Reddit said he spoke with Vaughan at a book signing where he revealed his involvement with the show:

He was doing a book signing in York. Very nice guy. I asked him about the Runaways TV show. He says he has had input and visited the set, and that Old Lace is definitely included in all her Dinosaur-y goodness and he thinks they did her justice. Now I'm really anticipating this show. :)

Fans have wondered how the series would change in its adaptation on Hulu, given that television shows generally don't have lucrative budgets for visual effects. But it sounds like they plan to portray Gert's pet Deinonychus faithfully.

In the series, the teens discover the dinosaur when they're searching Gert's basement in hopes of finding evidence that her parents helped commit a murder. Though they're initially afraid, Gert soon realizes she has a telepathic link with it. The two eventually take on the codenames Arsenic and Old Lace, based on the old Frank Capra movie with Cary Grant.

But the inclusion of the dinosaur isn't the only question fans have about the series. In the comic, Molly Hayes is a mutant with super strength, though the use of her powers makes her exhausted. Molly's last name is Hernandez on the show, and since the show comes from Marvel Television they are not allowed to use the word "mutant" since Fox has the rights to the X-Men franchise.

It will be interesting to see what the show changes from the comic book, but if they're planning on making Old Lace an integral part it will likely be very faithful despite being able to include mutants.

Marvel's Runaways premieres on Hulu on November 21.

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