Ryan Reynolds Speaks From the Sole in Hugh Jackman Birthday Celebration

October 12th is the birthday of one Hugh Jackman, the beloved actor who spend decades portraying Wolverine in the X-Men films, and fans and colleagues alike have been taking to social media to offer him their best wishes. Of course, among those sending Jackman their regards on his 53rd birthday is none other than Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool star that has dedicated the majority of his social media activity to throwing jabs at his longtime friend. As close as they may be in real life, Reynolds and Jackman's social media feud is everlasting.

Another chapter in the prank wars unfolded on Jackman's birthday, where Reynolds moved from Twitter to TikTok to share a message from the depths of his soles. Rather than saying something about Jackman, or even making a joke at his expense, Reynolds let his socks do the talking. Take a look.


Socks to be Hugh.

♬ A Million Dreams - Ziv Zaifman & Hugh Jackman & Michelle Williams

Reynolds appears in the video on his own, with music from Jackman's The Greatest Showman playing in the background. As he pans down, he reveals a pair of socks that are covered in Jackman's face. 

Only making things even funnier is the caption to the video. Reynolds wrote "Socks to be Hugh" as a play on the phrase "Sucks to be you," which both makes a joke about Jackman being on his socks and low-key tells his buddy that he sucks. It's a wonderful pun, one that Jackman surely appreciates.

Reynolds and Jackman have been going back and forth with their pranks for a number of years now, raising money for charities and making millions of fans laugh in the process. It's obvious that they are good friends, but this method has allowed them to raise awareness for their various causes, sell their alcohol and coffee, and provide content for their various films. Well, for Reynolds' films, anyway.

The feud with Jackman bled into Deadpool 2, which made several jokes about Wolverine and the terrible version of Deadpool that Reynolds once played alongside Jackman. In Free Guy earlier this year, Reynolds found a part for Jackman to play, but his character wore a mask the entire time, causing a laugh from audience members who could pick up on his voice.

Reynolds and Jackman's games on social media will probably never end, and we're all grateful for that. 

Happy birthday, Hugh.