Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, & Anthony Mackie Want X-Men To Join Marvel Cinematic Universe

While filmgoers are just recovering from the fantastic Captain America: Civil War, Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans want to keep things going and invite another group of Marvel favorites to the party.

During Wizard World Philadelphia, our on-site reporter Brandon Davis brings us news that the actors weighed in on which characters they want to see in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Stan (who plays Winter Solider/Bucky) and Evans (Captain America) let it be known that they would love to see some of Marvel's mutant population make the jump.

Sebastian Stan wants the whole group but made sure to point out Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique: "Looks like it's time to get back some of those X-Men. Mystique. We need that Mystique."

As for Chris Evans, he'd love to work with Michael Fassbender, who plays Magneto in the franchise, and James McAvoy (Professor X), saying: "I'd love to work with Fassbender because he's Fassbender. Him and McAvoy, one of those guys would be great to work with."

Anthony Mackie evidently really wants Storm, as he kept repeating "Halle Berry" throughout, or maybe he just really likes Halle Berry. Either way, can't say I blame him.


With Spider-Man now back in the fold thanks to a deal with Sony, it has been mentioned on numerous occasions that the X-Men would be the next biggest prize for Marvel. Only time will tell if that ever comes to fruition, but I count myself among the many that would love to see it happen.