Jon Favreau Compares Spider-Man: Far From Home to Homecoming and Iron Man

Jon Favreau has been with the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its launch, having directed and briefly appeared in 2008's Iron Man. 11 years later, Favreau is reprising the role of Happy Hogan for Spider-Man: Far From Home, his second time in the role this year, likening the first outing to that first Iron Man endeavor, with the second being a more expansive adventure in which his character takes on more of a mentor role.

"I like to think I was the Nick Fury of Homecoming," Favreau told reporters on the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2018. "Now I'm more the Hagrid."

Favreau had stepped off of the live set to chat about the film. Moments prior, he was standing beside Zendaya, Jonathan Battalon, Angourie Rice, and Tony Revolori as they jointly prepared to face terror inside of a London museum. Happy appears to have taken on a chaperone role of sorts, likely having a hard time protecting Peter Parker's hero identity in the process, but also developing a protective relationship with the high school students.

"By extension, all these kids are in my charge because just by association with Peter, they're drawn into a world that's a lot more dangerous than the high school experience that these kids should be going through," Favreau explained. "It's cool for me because the school's kind of based on the high school I went to, Bronx Science. I'm throwing out geeky lines to them, acting too cool for my character. I'm like, 'That's actually not a spear, it's a halberd.' Knowing what every weapon in [the museum] is. I remember from my Dungeons and Dragons days, so it's kind of fun."

As a result, he is also developing close relationships with the young stars. "I'm having a lot of fun because know a lot of the actors," Favreau said. "I really liked how Homecoming came out. I love the tone. I love the mix of humor, and it reminded me a lot of, especially working with Gwyneth and Robert also, it reminded me a lot of the first Iron Man. Because it was, no pressure on us. We got to have fun and be funny, and start to open up new doors. That storyline was new, so it was simple."

This time around, Peter Parker has grown through several experiences seen on the big screen -- which include fighting the Vulture and Thanos -- and is primed to do the work Tony Stark had been doing before him.

"Then Tom Holland is of course this really cool, younger, sort of looks up to Tony as a mentor figure," Favreau said. "That passing of the torch that took place in that one was really good, and I loved the sense of humor. To me when you get that balance right is where I really appreciate the, kind of indie, funny, improv-y type feel. Then you have really kind of cool action that balances out well if you have somebody who's got a good handle on things like Jon does."


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Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2.