New Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Leaks, Revealing Origin of the Red-and-Black Costume

After the harrowing events of Avengers: Endgame, fans will finally get their first look at the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe post-Thanos when Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres in theaters. Before the release of Endgame, Sony Pictures had been very secretive about the new Spidey adventure, careful not to spoil the outcome of the big crossover event. But now, the shackles are off and new information is quickly coming to light.

A brand new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home was surprisingly released in theaters recently, showing a lot of new footage and providing more insight into the plot of the film. And while Spider-Man's conflict with the Elementals and his duties to former SHIELD boss Nick Fury seem to be the core focus, it will continue to deal with how Peter Parker balances his heroic career with his personal life. Take a look in the video player above!

The trailer is packed with new footage and appears to give more details about the film's overall plot, putting some of the scenes in order so that fans have a better idea of what will take place when Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres in theaters.

We see that Peter Parker has Aunt May's blessing to act as Spider-Man; she even asks if he's taken out group of mobsters before going on vacation, almost like she's asking if he's finished his chores. Peter also interacts with one of the Elementals while on his trip with classmates, and they're saved by Mysterio. Ned wonders if he's going to go investigate, but Peter says no because the new hero Mysterio is handling it — and that's when Nick Fury shows up.

We see Spider-Man operating in his black stealth suit, which seems to be a lot different from the Stark-designed outfits he's received over the years. And at the end of the trailer, we also see Peter and Happy Hogan discover Tony Stark's secret lab, previously mentioned, which reveals where exactly the red-and-black Spider-Man costume comes from.


This appears to be his "final form" in the movie, which he uses to take MJ on a swing through the city, much to her chagrin. It's a hilarious twist on previous Spider-Man movies where his girlfriends loved the thrill of web-slinging, but MJ's a lot different from Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy.

Check out the new trailer above, and you can see Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters on July 2nd.