Spider-Man: Four Theories On Why Peter Parker Dies Or Retires

The Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has made no secret of the fact that he might have to go [...]

Amazing Spider-Man #700

The Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has made no secret of the fact that he might have to go into hiding after Amazing Spider-Man #700 is released. With Spider-Man having fifty years of history, comic book fans are often none to pleased when creators make major changes to their icons. There is definitely something big planned in Spider-Man's imminent future. With today's announcement of Superior Spider-Man, it was also strongly hinted that Peter Parker won't be Spider-Man anymore. How does Peter Parker get replaced as Spider-Man? Who becomes the new Spider-Man? Here are four theories on what major event might occur in Amazing Spider-Man #700. 4. Major Supporting Character Dies – Of all the possibilities, the most obvious thing Marvel Comics might do in order to garner media attention is to kill off a major supporting character in Spider-Man. Killing off Peter Parker's beloved Aunt May would of course create a big emotional impact, but the Aunt May is dead plotline has been used so many times before it would hardly be shocking. Mary Jane Watson's death would actually probably inspire more outrage, especially if Marvel insists her death is real and that she will never return. If someone very close to Peter Parker dies, then it might be enough to push him to give up being Spider-Man. 3. Spider-Man Kills – Everyone suspects that Doctor Octopus won't survive Amazing Spider-Man #700, but what if Spider-Man kills him. What if Doctor Octopus is remotely controlling his robotic arms and is about to kill someone close to Spider-Man? What if Spider-Man's only choice is to kill Doctor Octopus to stop him? Having Spider-Man become a killer would definitely be a shocker. The guilt from having to take a life might be enough to make Peter Parker retire from being Spider-Man. 2. Peter Parker Is Severely Injured – Maybe some traumatic event happens in Amazing Spider-Man #700 where Peter Parker is severely injured. It's possible that Peter Parker could be rendered no longer able to perform the job requirements of being Spider-Man. Could Alpha step in to take Peter Parker's place as Spider-Man temporarily? 1. Peter Parker Is Killed – Forget about Peter Parker retiring or being injured, the most shocking and controversial thing that Marvel Comics could do is simply kill off Peter Parker. With retirement, there would always be the chance Peter Parker would come back. With death, Peter Parker would be gone for good. Ok, well he wouldn't really be gone for good because we all know how comic books really work, but Marvel could sell the press on it being permanent and get a lot of headlines. At the end of Spider-Men #5, Peter Parker does a search for Miles Morales on Earth 616 on Google. Peter's expression gives the appearance that he must have found something. Could Miles Morales of Earth 616 replace Peter Parker as Spider-Man?