Spider-Man Just Revealed How One Major Marvel Villain Is Behind Green Goblin’s Secret Origin

It turns out Spider-Man's greatest enemy, Norman Osborn, had some help in becoming the nefarious [...]

It turns out Spider-Man's greatest enemy, Norman Osborn, had some help in becoming the nefarious Green Goblin. Spider-Man fans may remember that Osborn took a serum that affected his mind, turning him into the dangerous supervillain Green Goblin. Later, his son, Peter Parker's best friend Harry Osborn, follows his father's footsteps to become the new Green Goblin after his father's supposed death. Harry later died, but now both Osborns are back, though not as they were before. Amazing Spider-Man #72 by Nick Spencer and Marcelo Ferreira reveals how the father and son's goblin destinies are inextricably linked through another Marvel Comics villain. SPOILERS for the issue follow.

Amazing Spider-Man is in the midst of the "Sinister War" event arc. Harry Osborn is somehow resurrected as Kindred, though there are still questions since his father has seen his corpse in a morgue. He also seems to appear in multiple places at once. Whatever his origin, Kindred has assembled six versions of the Sinister Six to make Spider-Man's life a sixfold hell.

Norman Osborn recently returned from the dead and has had all of Green Goblin's evil sapped from his body. He's been trying to repent and move on with his life, but Harry's return has obviously been a curveball.

In Amazing Spider-Man #72, Norman begins to see Green Goblin's face again. He also begins to remember something he'd buried. Before he became Green Goblin, he was facing financial ruin. The save himself, he sold his son's soul by making a deal with the, well…

Mephisto Spider-Man Green Goblin
(Photo: Marvel)

Norman Osborn promised Harry's soul to Mephisto. Norman had everything he wanted for a while and had forgotten about the deal, but the bargain apparently doomed Harry to become the Green Goblin after his father's death and may explain his sudden resurrection. Between this and "One More Day," Mephisto has had a much bigger role in Spider-Man's life than previously known.

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  • Amazing Spider-Man #72
  • JUN210535
  • (W) Nick Spencer (A) Marcelo Ferreira, More (CA) Mark Bagley
    • Over in Sinister War, Spider-Man is facing two Sinister Sixes.
    • But, then, what is he doing HERE?
    • Just want to say, trying not to spoil - you don't quite understand how intense and impossible this situation is for Peter Parker.
  • Rated T+
  • In Shops: Aug 25, 2021
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