New 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Concept Art Showcases Older Looking Vulture

Artwork shared by concept artist and designer Josh Nizzi depicts an older-looking take on Spider-Man: Homecoming villain the Vulture, who was ultimately portrayed onscreen by Michael Keaton.

Spider-Man Homecoming
(Photo: Josh Nizzi)

Nizzi's art sees Adrian Toomes suited up as the Vulture, sporting a flying harness reminiscent of the apparatus that made it to screen.

Here Vulture is depicted without his jet pilot-style helmet that boasts a protective visor and ominous glowing green eyes, making for a look more resembling the iconic Spider-Man villain's familiar look from the classic Marvel comics.

The Adrian Toomes portrayed by the 66-year-old Keaton in Homecoming is decidedly more youthful than his comic book counterpart, who is often depicted in the books as a brittle geriatric.

(Photo: Josh Nizzi)

Alternate designs submitted by Nizzi offer a more birdlike appearance for the villain, including a look that more resembles Vulture's wildlife namesake — including menacing, small talons on his hands and feet — than the more reserved and tech-based look seen in the final film.

The artist's cache of concept art showcases Vulture's finalized design, boasting a threatening and aerodynamic design that gave rookie superhero Spider-Man (Tom Holland) a hard time in Homecoming.

Keaton was up front about not turning to the comic books to prepare for his role, offering a simple "no" when asked if he read comics to prepare for his Marvel Cinematic Universe role as Adrian Toomes.

In the Marvel comics, the Vulture — like many classic Spider-Man villains — initially had simple motivations of greed. In his earliest appearances, Vulture was a high-flying bank robber in a bird costume, his persona having since evolved after more than five decades worth of appearances.

Like the Vulture depicted in Marvel Knights Spider-Man, the Vulture of Homecoming had loftier motivations: he wanted money and power, of course, but he was a family man trying to provide — a family man who felt like a small fish in a big pond, whether it be going up against the born with a silver spoon in his mouth Tony Stark or Damage Control, the company who swooped in from underneath him for a post-Incident cleanup, robbing his blue collar company of a major contract.


The mid-credit scene of Homecoming hinted at a possible future return for Keaton's Toomes, who discovered his newfound red-and-blue-suited nemesis' true identity.

Marvel Studios begins shooting Spider-Man 2 this summer.