Someone Created a Website to Check if Spider-Man Is Back in the MCU Yet

Well it looks like we've officially reached the peak of the Spider-Man/Sony/Marvel fallout. In [...]

Well it looks like we've officially reached the peak of the Spider-Man/Sony/Marvel fallout. In case you've been enjoying your life away from a screen for the last week and totally missed the news that has been dominating the Internet, Marvel and Sony effectively ended their relationship in regards to the Spider-Man film rights, at least for the time being. This could obviously change, as both sides are likely still negotiating the terms of Spider-Man's big screen usage, but fans around the world have entered a state of utter panic over the possibility of Tom Holland never saying the words "Mr. Stark" ever again.

Petitions have been started, Facebook groups have made plans to storm Sony (because it's apparently all Sony's fault), and memorials have even been set up to commemorate Peter Parker's short-yet-profitable life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This has all led to a much more direct and convenient creation that will allow fans to keep up with the back and forth Spider-Man news without ever having to visit a social media site. With one simple click, you can find out whether or not Spider-Man is back in the MCU.

Spoiler alert: He's not.

But one day he might be, and that's the point of this entire website. You can visit at any time and you'll be given either a yes or no answer to the question you typed into the search bar. For those of you asking, yes the website is 100% real and not a joke (at least on our part). Go ahead, click it.

For the foreseeable future, the answer will probably remain "No," as Sony and Marvel still have work to do on a deal. Disney wants more money and control of everything, which is understandable to anyone who has ever played Monopoly. Disney is basically the father that doesn't care about your feelings and is going to teach you to "man up" and deal with the harsh realities of life by stripping away every asset you and your siblings possess, winning at any cost. Sony is just trying its damnedest to hold on to Baltic Avenue and not cry while looking into the unrelenting eyes of dear ol' dad.

Spider-Man is currently not a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If that ever changes, will surely let you know. And so will we. In the meantime, you can read about all sorts of other stuff, like Nicole Drum's theory-filled look into the new season of American Horror Story, or Jamie Lovett's insightful breakdown of Kit Harington's new MCU character, Black Knight.