Stan Lee Tribute Easter Egg Found On 'Captain Marvel' Website

Captain Marvel recently debuted a delightful 90s website for the movie, but they also snuck in a Stan Lee tribute, though you'll have to hunt a bit to find it.

Marvel Studios crafted a fully 90s website for Captain Marvel, featuring all of the blocky and brightly colored graphics the decade is known for when it comes to the internet, but there's also a Stan Lee tribute if you look past the surface. Thankfully Reddit isolated the graphic in case you want to see it up close, but if you want to find it on the website here's how you do it.

First, you actually head to the site, and then you scroll all the way down to the last page until you can't scroll anymore, which is all black with no graphics on it, or so you think. Put your cursor at the bottom and in the middle of the page and then slowly move up in a straight line. A little bit further up you'll see a Stan Lee image pop up, with the Marvel creator standing in a heroic pose.

[possible Easter Egg?] Found this tiny, little dancing Stan Lee at the bottom of the Captain Marvel website. (RIP) from r/marvelstudios

It's a cool easter egg for the Marvel icon, and you can check out what it looks like below.

(Photo: Marvel)

The site has loads of other entertaining elements, especially for those who remember this era of the internet. Little GIFs and simple fonts abound, and that header is a perfect representation of what was featured on many a website back in the day.

The nostalgia loop goes further though, as when you go to the multimedia screen you'll get two tiny boxes, one with images and the other with an old-school looking video player that plays the trailer. There's also a find the Skrull game that asks whether the people in the image are human or Skrulls, and a guestbook that you can sign.

Fans have had plenty of cool throwbacks to the 90s in the first few trailers, including not only the style of the time but also Carol Danvers crashing into a BlockBuster video store in the very first trailer. We'll no doubt see more by the time the movie ends, and we can't wait to see what other easter eggs make it into the film.

Sadly Stan Lee passed away last year, but he did film a cameo for both Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame before he passed away, so fans will see him a few more times on the big screen, a wonderful tribute in itself.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th.



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