How That Big Reveal In 'The Gifted' Premiere Affects Polaris

The Gifted premiered on Fox last night and wasted no time in throwing life-changing moments at its cast of characters.

That's particularly true for Lorna Dane, the mutant revolutionary known as Polaris who founded the Atlanta cell of the mutant underground. In addition to being captured by the police, Lorna discovered that she is pregnant with her and her boyfriend Marcos "Eclipse" Diaz's child.

So does having a new baby on the way mean that Polaris will be ending her resistance days trying to find a way to settle down? Not likely.

"I think she's someone who runs off endurance and what she thinks is right and wrong and is very much an 'eye for an eye' type of girl on whatever she has to do," Emma Dumont, who plays Polaris on The Gifted, tells "So I think having a small, mutant baby inside of her, I think for a normal person it would make her be more cautious, but I think it's the total reverse where she's like, 'I have something in the world to care about and now I'm going to fight even harder,' and that is probably pretty dangerous."

Lorna wasn't the only mutant to have her life altered in last night's premiere. She was captured while she and her mutant allies were trying to rescue escaped mutant Blink, who was on the run. Now Blink is dealing with becoming part of the mutant underground.

"She doesn't trust a lot of people, and the two people she entrusts betray her in an unthinkable way, and in an unforgivable way," says Blink actress Jamie Chung. "So I think she has issues in that the one time I trusted two other mutants they betrayed me for their own self-gain and self-preservation...There are a lot of moral issues that she's dealing with...She has a lot of issues to deal with."

Blink clearly feels indebted to Marcos and Lorna since she tried to keep Marcos safe by informing Thunderbird about Eclipse's unsanctioned excursion to meet Reed Strucker. Time will tell if she becomes truly ingrained in the mutant underground family.


The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.