'The Gifted' Fall Finale Recap With Spoilers: "gaMe changer"

The episode opens with a flashback to one year earlier at Rebecca’s home. Her parents call her down to breakfast. She turns her pancakes inside out with her powers. She thinks it is strange that her father hasn’t left for work already. She hears someone outside. Her father opens the door to let Sentinel Services inside. She realizes her parents called Sentinel Services and turned her in after she nearly killed her teachers at school.

In the present day, the Inner Circle has Rebecca imprisoned against Andy’s protests. Reeva and the Frost Sisters discuss their plans, noting that they need Andy on board to proceed.

The Reeds are still at Dr. Garber’s lab. Lauren tells her parents about what Noah said about Dr. Garber trying to find a cure for mutants and that her brother founded the Purifiers. Lauren believes they need to destroy the work Garber has done with her and Reed’s DNA. Reed agrees, though Caitlin is reluctant to give up their one shot at helping Reed.

Thunderbird finds Eclipse on the roof. They talk about what happened with Lorna and Dawn. Thunderbird encourages him to keep fighting. Eclipse agrees to go back to work, but only if he gets the first shot at Reeva.

Jace Turner gets an introduction and applause at a Purifier meeting. Jace says the “mutant uprising” is outright terrorism. He encourages everyone there to use a hotline to report mutant activity. He plans to start a citizen militia to stop mutant violence before it spreads.

Sage tells Reeva that Rebecca won’t stop screaming. Reeva is unmoved but says Rebecca still has a part to play.

Andy finds Lorna packing up stuff in her room. Andy asks Lorna if she thinks it was worth it, everything they’re doing there and what they’ve sacrificed. Polaris says everything they’re doing is necessary and that she’ll be reunited with Dawn when they create the mutant homeland.

Thunderbird finds a lead on Lawrence Hayes, who knows something about Regimen technology. Thunderbird plans to kidnap Hayes and make him give them answers. Blink questions how well that squares with the X-Men’s dream, but Thunderbird and Marcos have made up their minds.

Eclipse waits impatiently for Blink and Thunderbird. He gets a call from Clarice. He hears gunshots in the background. She tells him to open the trunk. Blink uses a portal to dump Hayes in the trunk then bring her and Thunderbird through another portal. They take off in the car.

Reed and Caitlin try to get as much information about Garber’s cure as possible. She explains how with Lauren’s DNA and Reed’s combined they’ll soon know how to turn the X-gene off entirely instead of just blocking it.

Lauren charms Noah into letting her see cold storage where the blood samples are kept, provided she has lunch with him first.

The Mutant Underground brings Hayes back to the clinic. The police are on the lookout for them. Blink and Thunderbird argue about what’s happening, but Thunderbird is convinced they’re doing what they have to do. Hayes isn’t cooperative, and Thunderbird loses his temper. Hayes reveals that Regimen runs the control system for the mutant control collars in all mutant prisons.

Reeva and the Frosts watch Jace on the news. Sage comes in with news of someone looking into Regimen. Reeva wants it taken care of.

Dr. Garber wants to talk to the Struckers about Andy. She says Lauren’s DNA has two X-genes. She believes it is like Fenris. Reed’s father theorized that Andrea and Andreas shared two X-genes that resonated, increasing in power when they were close to each other.

Noah brings Lauren to cold storage. She tries to talk to him about the X-gene elimination research. He says he just wants to be normal. As they leave, Lauren uses a forcefield to wedge the door open.

Thunderbird is becoming increasingly frustrated. Blink tells him that the police are arresting mutants in a six-block radius searching for them. They argue, and Blink leaves to try to fix the police problem.

Reeva tells Andy they need his help in the mission tomorrow. Andy doesn’t feel like helping while Rebecca is imprisoned.

Andy frees Rebecca. He wants to escape with her, but Rebecca wants to go take care of Reeva and the Inner Circle. She makes clear that the bank wasn’t an accident and that she’s going to do it again.

Getting off the elevator, Rebecca is using her powers and about to turn the entire Inner Circle inside out when Andy uses his powers on her. She's sent sliding on the ground and her neck hits the wall, killing her.

Thunderbird and Eclipse argue about what happened with Blink. Eclipse tries to remind Thunderbird who they’re fighting for. Hayes gets into the system and finds something just as Thunderbird hears someone. Fade uses his power to sneak in while invisible and kill Hayes. Thunderbird uses his tracking powers to find Fade. Thunderbird and Eclipse incapacitate Fade. They hear the cops and leave the clinic.

Lorna finds Andy, who is still shaken up over what happened to Rebecca. She tries to assure him that it wasn’t his fault, that the asylum broke her. Lorna tells him about the mission, that its the company behind the mutant collars. He agrees to help.

Reeva explains the plan. The Inner Circle easily gets past Regimen’s security. Lorna puts on her new headpiece. Andy uses his powers to break through Regimen’s safe-like door.

The Struckers go into the cold storage facility. They’re about to destroy the research in there when Garber, Noah, and security show up. They try to talk Garber down, but she’s convinced she’s saving humanity from a curse. This changes Noah’s mind about Garber's work, and he uses his power to give the Struckers a chance to escape while he destroys the cold storage facility himself.


Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Fade are cut off in an alley by Purifiers. Fade is shot in the leg. Thunderbird tells Eclipse to take Fade and escape while he holds the Purifiers off. John holds back the Purifiers truck until it pins him against a wall. Jace himself takes Thunderbird captive.

Andy and Polaris enter the Regimen facility and use their powers to destroy the collar control network, freeing mutants in prisons and mental facilities nationwide.