'The Punisher' Star Reveals the Threat of Jigsaw in Season 2

The latest season of The Punisher is set to debut on Netflix in less than two weeks, and Frank Castle will continue to face his demons in the new episodes.

The first season established Castle's attempts to uncover a conspiracy that resulted in the death of his family, bringing him face to face with his former best friend Billy Russo. The resulting confrontation leaves Russo scarred, becoming the second season's villain — but don't call him Jigsaw.

Actor Ben Barnes addressed his role in a discussion with Collider, revealing how he'll present new challenges in Season 2 of The Punisher.

"The second season, we're toying with his memory," said Barnes. "He sees himself slightly differently. As we go through the series, what's fascinating to me is seeing now just how different they are, but how similar they are, given other sets of circumstances. As we get toward the end of the season, people are starting to point out just how similar they could be under different circumstances. Because it's about people's perspectives of things."

Barnes went on to explain the role of his character's therapist Krista, played by Supergirl's Floriana Lima, and how she affects Billy's mindset and his view on Frank Castle.

"Krista as a medical professional is judging the situation based on what she's heard. Billy is judging the world based on what he's woken up to," Barnes explained. "Frank is judging the world mainly looking back on his past and the trauma that's happened to him. What's happened to him, he's looking at it very myopically through that lense of, 'I've lost my family.' That's his driving force. Curtis is looking at it through his drive to help people.

"This season is a lot about where everyone's true north is. At the end of the day, what are my limits? What drives me? What is my purpose? Dealing with the past and trauma is very much what season one was about, particularly in terms of veterans. Dealing with what's ahead of me, what is there for me, what ought I be doing with my life, is more what season 2 is about"

It sounds like "Don't Call Him Jigsaw" Billy Russo will play a major role in the second season of The Punisher. Fans can see how it all shakes out when the series finally premieres on Netflix on Friday, January 18th.