Thor: Love and Thunder Director Says Korg's Origin Will Be Explored in the Next Film


Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi says that Korg's origin will be explored in the next film in the Marvel series. He revealed this nugget during a Thor: Ragnarok watch party on Instagram Live. People still crave Korg and it sounds like they're going to get more in this upcoming installment. The character's surprise appearance in Avengers: Endgame was a definite highlight for some fans in attendance. But, MCU lovers still don't really know all that much around the charming alien. Waititi thinks that will change in Love and Thunder.

"We do touch on Korg's culture. Where he's from.... if you look in the comics about Kronans, it's an interesting thing about where they come from," the filmmaker said after a fan asked. It wouldn't be hard to see why Marvel Studios would choose to explore the far reaches of the galaxy after it yielded such strong results in Ragnarok. However, what shape that will take remains unseen as details have been kept close to the vest in the early stages of development.

When spoke to the Visual Effects team on Ragnarok, they revealed that Korg had some unforeseen difficulties. Visual Effects Supervisor Jake Morrison said, "I would say the one thing I did learn on this is, once Taika discovered that he could just come up with new punch lines and zingers in the edit suite, was when my life got a lot harder."

"One is, it's the director. So, you're dealing with an actor who's actually really the director, and then is 100% a visual effect," he continued. "And then the second part of that, is you've got to have them form comedy, which as anybody will tell you, I think all actors would, drama is hard, but comedy is significantly harder."

"So, the fact that, that would rest firmly upon the visual effects department shoulders, the fact that we had to make the audience laugh, we had to completely bring them into the story and make them believe the character, even though he's 7'6" rock monster made of 1,300 rocks or whatever that it was. And literally each rock you had to move against each other, but never deformed or look like latex. They're all sort of impossible tasks," Morrison added.

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