Todd McFarlane Plans For Stan Lee To Do A Dark Cameo In Spawn Movie

Spawn is coming back to the big screen, and if Todd McFarlane has his way it will include an [...]

Spawn is coming back to the big screen, and if Todd McFarlane has his way it will include an insanely dark cameo from a Marvel icon.

McFarlane teased the cameo at New York Comic Con in an exclusive interview with, and that cameo would be from none other than Mr. Excelsior himself Stan Lee.

When asked if he is planning on putting in more cameos, McFarlane definitely has some ideas. "I probably will, right?," McFarlane told's Brandon Davis. "Again, Hitchcock used to be in his creepy movies, and then I remember M. Night Shyamalan went into his, and I go, "Come on! If you can't have fun being in yours, then what the heck, right?"

A McFarlane cameo isn't the only one in the planning stages though. "I got a good buddy named Stan Lee, and he keeps going, "When are we going to shoot that cameo, Todd?" So hopefully, I'll get Stan to maybe come in there and do something," McFarlane confirmed.

At this point, Lee is pretty much the king of the cameo, appearing in just about every Marvel movie project that hits the big screen. If you're going to add to that legacy, it might require something a bit different, and McFarlane has some big ideas.

"Yeah. But I want to do a dark anti-cameo, unfriendly Stan Lee, and he's like, "Todd, I'm in!" I've explained what I want to do, and he's like, "Oh, cool," McFarlane said. "So, I'm not gonna be, like, the happy-go-lucky?" I go, "No, you're gonna be ugly. You're gonna be this Schlitz-drinking, wife beater, three-day-old shave, snarly dude," and he's like, "I love it!" So, we'll see if we can pull it off."

That would definitely be different, but that isn't all McFarlane has planned either. At one point, Guardians director James Gunn revealed he wanted his Lee cameo to be Stan Lee being killed, but that never materialized. McFarlane doesn't want to go that dark, but he will make unforgettable.

"I'm not going to kill him. I'll just make him gnarly," McFarlane said.

Spawn hits theaters in 2019.