Tom Holland Vows to Help Out the Next Spider-Man Actor Who Replaces Him

In the past twenty years we went from having no live-action Spider-Man actors on the big screen to having three, and if the unceremonious conclusion to Andrew Garfield's tenure as the character can be taken as an example, it could end at any minute. Our current Spider-Man, actor Tom Holland, who will reprise the part once again for Spider-Man: No Way Home this December, has indicated he's unsure what the future holds for his version of the wall-crawler but says that if someone else is given the part after his next movie he'll happily show them the ropes, or rather the webs.

"When they cast the young kid in Spider-Man to replace me, whether it's next year or in five years, I'll take it upon myself to teach them about the responsibilities of being Spider-Man," Holland revealed in the latest issue of Total Film (H/T The Direct). "Because it's huge. It's absolutely huge. Every time you walk outside that door, you're representing Spider-Man. It's tough. It's taxing sometimes. Because sometimes you just want to go to a pub and get absolutely wasted, and not have to worry about the ramifications of the public scrutiny of: 'Oh my God, what do you mean you got drunk?'"

This marks one of the first times that Holland has been candid about what goes into playing such a publicly beloved character. Having played the part for five years now and across six feature films, he's now played Spider-Man longer than any of his other counterparts.

The toll of playing Spider-Man is something that's been in the headlines recently via another former Spider-Man star though as Andrew Garfield has been vocal about the uphill battles he faced while making his two The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

"I went from being a naive boy to growing up," Garfield told Bustle in a new interview. "How could I ever imagine that it was going to be a pure experience? There are millions of dollars at stake and that's what guides the ship. It was a big awakening and it hurt. Comic-Con in San Diego is full of grown men and women still in touch with that pure thing the character meant to them. [But] you add in market forces and test groups and suddenly the focus is less on the soul of it and more on ensuring we make as much money as possible. And I found that - find that - heartbreaking in all matters of the culture. Money is the thing that has corrupted all of us and led to the terrible ecological collapse that we are all about to die under."  

Rumors continue to swirl that both Garfield and his own predecessor Tobey Maguire will appear in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, which we'll know for sure in about four weeks time. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home debuts in theaters on December 17.