'Venom' Gets a 10-Hour Yule-Log Video on YouTube

December 21st marks the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, making it the day with the [...]

December 21st marks the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, making it the day with the least amount of sunlight all year. The marketing team at Sony is taking full advantage of the season as they work in pushing the home media release of Venom.

Earlier today, the official Twitter account behind Venom tweeted out that they've released just the right video the time of year — a 10-hour yule log video. The video features the eponymous symbiotic creature drinking hot cocoa in front of a fireplace.

With Venom being released on home media this week, all eyes are ahead on a sequel. Jeff Pinkner — one of the screenwriters behind the film — confirmed last week that a sequel was in the works.

"I can't say anything other than that it is happening," Pinkner revealed, before admitting that he has yet to begin helping to write the script. "I am not. As of now, I am not."

On the press tour for Venom, director Ruben Fleischer hinted how Woody Harrelson's Cletus Kassady had always been meant to be a bridge to a sequel. After being a highly-anticipated addition to the movie, Harrelson's character only served a glorified cameo role, clearly setting something up for the future.

"So, when we were thinking about including that scene and laying the groundwork for a potential sequel, he was the first person I thought of and a just because selfishly I'm really excited to work with him again, whether it's in Zombieland 2 or the potential sequel to this film," Fleischer told ComicBook.com. "But if you think about Natural Born Killers and Mickey, the character he played in that film, I feel like there's a real lineage that you can trace from Mickey to Cletus and I also think that he hasn't gone dark in that way for a while."

What'd you think of Venom? Is it going to be a movie you buy now that it's out digitally and on home media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Venom is now available digitally and on home media.