Venom: Let There Be Carnage Director Andy Serkis on if SPOILER Is Really Dead

Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis speaks out on if one character's death is permanent. *Spoilers for the movie to follow* Unfortunately, fans probably have gotten word that Carnage was vanquished at the end of the movie. But, as most comics readers would quickly tell you, death is a bit of a revolving door.'s Brandon Davis talked to the filmmaker in an interview on Wednesday's episode of the Phase Zero podcast. For Serkis, he's hoping that won't be the end of the line for Carnage, but sometimes there are other plans in store for Venom as he travels through the Sony universe and possibly more. One thing is for sure, it's not going to be clear for a little while.

BD: Speaking of bringing Carnage to life, we also kill him, you know what I mean? It's funny to see the moment where Venom says what he said... I'm going to address that line next, but I want to hear first about the decision to have Cletus and Carnage killed off. Like I know those decisions can't be easy to make.

Serkis had a contemplative answer, "They can't... No, especially no when you've got someone as titanic as Woody Harrelson playing a titanic character like Carnage. It's not easy. I mean, the fact of the matter is I always like to think there might just be that little bit of symbiote that didn't quite get devoured by Venom and that could be hanging around in some baptismal font in the church, that's just sort of swimming around that could somehow come back to life. I always say, no one ever dies, really."

In some recent comments to ScreenRant, the director also teased some wild possibilities for future enemies in this franchise. Everyone wants Spider-Man, but there are some real options on the table.

 "...I know everyone is desperate for Venom to meet Spider-Man. I know that. But I think there's real mileage in some of the other supervillains that reside in Ravencroft. There's such fertile ground to be uncovered there. That would be the sandbox I'd be really interested in playing. Who's lurking in there that could break out?"

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