Marvel Debuts New Venom Costume

Eddie Brock and Venom have been through quite the ringer lately in their current ongoing Marvel [...]

Eddie Brock and Venom have been through quite the ringer lately in their current ongoing Marvel Comics series. After going toe-to-toe with a Symbiote god, Eddie realized that his other had been lying to him for entirely too long, and the duo went their separate ways. This left Eddie without a weapon or a suit. But that changed in this week's new issue. Venom has a brand new look and it's all his own.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Venom #13! Continue reading at your own risk...

So this issue of Venom takes place within the War of the Realms event, which means that there are warriors from other realms attacking various places on Earth. As you can probably guess, Eddie comes in contact with these warriors, and he has to do what he can to protect his son without the power of his Symbiote. He tries his best to defend Dylan, as well as some other people in the street, but eventually has to make a run for it.

Eddie and Dylan end up in the safe house that belonged to Rex Strickland, but they were followed by a mystical witch who offered up a chance to regain some of the power that had been lost when the Symbiote left. She calls it a Dreamstone, and tells Eddie that this particular stone has been tasked with giving him the weapon he desires. Without thinking too much he takes the stone and is fitted with a new and improved Venom suit, without any Symbiote involvement.

venom new suit
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

The witch intends for Eddie to use this new weapon to do her bidding, but he's got other plans. Eddie cuts off the witches hand and leaves to go take out the warriors that harmed him earlier. It's clear after just one fight sequence that he's got more power than ever before with this new weapon, though there are some adverse effects.

Unlike with the Symbiote, Eddie doesn't hear another voice in his head. It's only him up there, but he still has the blood lust on his mind. He even spins the classic line on its head, saying "I am Venom" at the very end of the issue.

What do you think of Venom's new look? Do you think the costume will stick around for a while? Let us know in the comments!

Venom #13 is on now available online and at your local comic book shop.


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