WandaVision: SWORD, Avengers, Captain Marvel Ties Explained

WandaVision made some wild ties to Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame, and even the Ant-Man movies but with all of the answers, we're starting to have a lot more questions! If you thought the show had Marvel Easter eggs and ties so far, then this episode must have really blown your Mind Stone as if you were trying to sacrifice yourself to prevent Thanos from being able to destroy the world. The episode literally started with voiceovers from Captain Marvel like Carol calling Monica Rambeau "Lieutenant Trouble," did you catch that? Spoilers follow!

First of all, it was very cool to see the reversal of the Snap in a non-Spider-Man: Far From Home joking about it kind of way. The episode opened with everyone coming back into existence after the Hulk snapped his fingers at Avengers HQ in Avengers: Endgame and it prompted absolute chaos in places like hospital we saw here while the Avengers were having their final fight against Thanos.

Maria Rambeau, Monica's mom who we saw in Captain Marvel, died 2 years after the Snap. "That was a tough decision," WandaVision's head writer Jac Schaeffer told ComicBook.com. "I feel very strongly about Maria and her relationship with Monica. It's so much of a part of her character. But we really wanted to set Monica up, with a rough road really. And we wanted to dig into her character as best we can and be sort of concise with dropping the audience into like where we are in the MCU timeline and letting them know what the tone of this episode is gonna be, that we're not messing around."

Maria did not die before she created SWORD, though. This is interesting, because Monica was seemingly a member of SWORD which is basically Space SHIELD before the Infinity War snap as indicated by her possession of a personal access card for the building .We didn't think SWORD was being created until the post-credited of Spider-Man: Far From Home which was after Infinity War and Endgame. Tyler Heyward is introduced as the director of SWORD but he's quick to point out he is the "acting" director, which seems to imply Nick Fury is the Director of SWORD and will resume that role since he was previously snapped out of existence and is currently busy in space? Or maybe someone else will?

Shout out to Jimmy Woo working on close up magic like he was in Ant-Man, whipping out his business card in snazzy form for Monica Rambeau. The big lingering mystery about the helicopter Wanda found seems to have been answered when Monica sends a drone into Westview, but something feels incomplete here because we've all seen the trailer shot of a helicopter flying in some wild red chaos and it looks more like the helicopter Wanda found than what Monica sent in.

This is where the space and time theories come into play. Jimmy Woo is basically all of us, by the way, because he has a big giant white board to try to figure it all out but one of his theories is that space and time are working differently. This seems accurate, considering Monica got yeeted out of Westview in the middle of the day but landed outside of it at night. The times don't line up with each other.

Apparently no one else has driven down this Westview street other than the people who live there? Wanda sending Monica out when she tries to bring the real world into WandaVision only furthers the House of M theories of Wanda knowingly controlling all of this for the sake of creating a reality where she is happier, even if it is at the expense of other people's reality.

Possibly the biggest clue of the House of M stories is on Norm's fact sheet. If you look closely at Abilish Tandon's notes collected by SWORD, you'll see they refer to him breaking character as "awakened." This is very much in line with heroes being awakened in House of M, to the fact that this alternate reality created by Wanda that essentially gave everyone what they want is not actually reality at all and would explain why that creepy, lifeless Vision body showed itself. Paul Bettany told me we will find out what happened to Vision's body in this show, and it seems like Wanda is either giving it the power it is missing since Thanos ripped the Mind Stone out or just puppeting a synthezoid carcass around acting like it's real. Either way, kinda weird, very dark.

Cool final nod: Darcy has been watching all of this unfold and when the credits role on a WandaVision episode within WandaVision, we see the names Leeann Patrick, Amanda Weir, Chikako Suzuki, Matt Ellena and these are all real people working on WandaVision, so it's cool to see them get some recognition. Maybe next time they'll say "Steve Englehart, Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis," and other names of comic creators who originally thought up the stories which inspire these shows!

What Easter eggs and references did you catch in WandaVision? Drop them in the comments or send them my way on Instagram!


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