WandaVision: Infinity Stones Returning to MCU Through Commercials?

The Infinity Stones might be making their way back to the MCU in the strangest way possible according to a new theory which is gaining steam among WandaVision fans. This one is wild and possibly not very impactful but it honestly makes sense and could nd up being, at a minimum, a nice nod to the history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and especially that of Wanda Maximoff. The commercials in these WandaVision episodes, not only are they referencing the many horrible things MCU Wanda has been through, but they might be referencing one different Infinity Stone in each.

You know the Infinity Stones by now. First explained in Guardians of the Galaxy by the Collector, then they sporadically appeared in subsequent MCU movies in various forms and then Thanos used them all in his Infinity Gauntlet to snap and erase half of the life in the universe. Long story short, the Infinity Stones do not exist in the post-Avengers: Endgame time of the MCU but they have had their lingering effects, especially on Wanda Maximoff, because the Mind Stone was used to unlock her telekinetic and telepathic powers and it also was the plug for the toaster that is her husband Vision.

So, with everything in Westview seemingly being centered around Wanda Maximoff's past and the future she wishes she could have, the Infinity Stones - which are Space, Soul, Time, Mind, Power, and Reality seem to be weaseling their way back to relevance and each commercial seems tied to one, so far.

Marvel SWord SPoilers New Infinity Stones

We had the Toaster commercial in Episode 1. First of all, this is a nod to the best line in comics, where Wanda and Vision are arguing and she says, "You're a damn toaster!" It's got call backs to Stark Industries, the weapons manufacturing company whose weapons resulted in the death of Wanda's parents and the only thing in color is the little light on the toaster -- so, this is seemingly the Mind Stone, representing the little colored Stone which powered the Vision.

Then there was the Strucker Watch, referencing Wolfgang von Strucker experimenting on Wanda while he was running what was left of HYDRA. This is obviously a nod to the Time Stone.

Episode 3, we get HYDRA soak, which promotes an escape and getaway to wherever you want. This would be a reference to the Space Stone, which we've seen Loki and Thanos use to teleport themselves throughout the universe.

No commercial in Episode 4 but in Episode 5 we got the Lagos paper towels commercial. The slogan of the product being for "When you make a mess you didn't mean to," was one thing, referencing Wanda throwing Crossbones into a building and killing innocent people but it also says "Husbands can use it, too," which references the same Civil War movie where Wanda's husband Vision accidentally shot War Machine out of the sky and left him paralyzed. The Lagos commercial seems to be the Reality Stone, because changing any of those events would be changing reality, which we have also seen Thanos do in Avengers: Infinity War.

I know what you're thinking: "What does it all mean?"

We still have to get to the Power Stone and the Soul Stone... but, this all stands to reason that Wanda's powers and whatever forces are at play in Westview are reflective of the Infinity Stones.

Anything the bearer wishes can be made real. Time clearly works differently as evidenced by the different decades and the different time of day in Westview vs the real world. Reality changes to whatever Wanda wants it to be as evidenced by Monica's clothes as the drone that flew in. People's minds are being controlled by Wanda's projections or whoever is actually in control and everyone is in this alternate location in space that they're sucked into like Monica Rambeau was.

I would say the Infinity Stones are unlikely to be physically present in WandaVision and the near future of the MCU but at a minimum there has to be some sort of nod going on here which ties WandaVision and the reality-altering elements of Westview to the six concentrated ingots which reflected existence itself.


What do you think? Are the Infinity Stones a factor in WandaVision's commercials? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!

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