Spider-Man: Iron Man Reveals Why He Built Iron Spider Suit

10/23/2020 01:48 am EDT

Iron Man revealed why he chose to make the Iron Spider suit for Spider-Man in The Wakanda Files: A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond. Marvel's new handy guide for the MCU covers just about every corner of the universe, and that means there's a section just for everyone's Friendly Neighborhood Superhero. There's no doubt that the Wall Crawler's debut in Captain America: Civil War featured Tony Stark meeting Peter Parker. But, after Spider-Man: Homecoming's epic battle with Vulture and some other good deeds, Iron Man began noodling on ways to help his young protege out. The result got a lot of cheers out of fans during Avengers: Infinity War.

In The Wakanda Files, Stark's personal log indicates that he began developing the Iron Spider Suit after his research on nanoparticles. The fight in Berlin impressed Iron Man enough to upgrade Spider-Man's arsenal substantially. Stark astutely noticed Peter's Spider-Sense but thought some other upgrades were in order. The web-shooters are reinforced and make their own web solution. (He left that unchanged from Spider-Man's formula.) There's a full life support system on-board along with a HUD in the lenses. A complete and total upgrade after Peter proved himself in Civil War.

Comicbook.com actually had the opportunity to speak with Julian Foddy from Industrial Light and Magic. That team worked on Spider-Man: Far From Home and discussed the look of that suit over time.

"We really wanted to add in an extra level of detail that includes both the model and the textures. That carbon fiber-type specular response, which you mentioned there, that was something that, it was actually there in the textures that we ingested, but we tweaked the shade so it's likely to get more out of that," Foddy explained. "It was something that Marvel responded to very well was to, 'We massage the look development to make the suit feel like it was even more beaten up and scratched than you saw in the first time in Infinity War.' Just to suggest that Peter has had this suit for a while and he's been through a few battles and it's picked up some damage along the way."

"We did bring some of our own ideas to the nanotech with how the mask flicks on and off. Because again, in Infinity War, that was a very quick event, just happening over a couple of frames. There are a few times in our sequence that it's ]a slightly more leisurely reveal. I think perhaps in Infinity War, it happens at about three or four frames," he continued. "In some of our shots, it takes around 15 to 16 frames. So, we redesigned things a little bit. I looked at references of electronic circuit boards and we adopted some of that. Kind of how this wet solder would creep along with the circuitry of a computer motherboard."

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