Alan Tudyk Weighs In On Accusations Joss Whedon Was Unprofessional On Justice League Movie Set

It seems that Justice League was even more of a mess behind the scenes than it ended up being on [...]

It seems that Justice League was even more of a mess behind the scenes than it ended up being on film, and Ray Fisher's recent comments about director Joss Whedon paint an even more grim picture. Fisher recently posted some comments about how Whedon, who was called in by Warner Bros. to shepherd the film to the finish line after Zack Snyder was no longer part of the project, was abusive and unprofessional to the cast and crew. Alan Tudyk, who has worked with Whedon in the past on projects like Firefly, took to social media to share his thoughts on those comments.

Tudyk wrote, "Wasn't there, but I have known Joss for 17 years, I honestly can't even imagine it and I have a pretty good imagination."

Tudyk has worked with Whedon several times as part of Firefly, Serenity, and Dollhouse, and has been around the director quite a bit on set. That said, it doesn't mean that Fisher's comments about Whedon aren't true, and the more and more Justice League comes up the more it seems something went down during the production between the director and the cast.

Many from the cast and crew have expressed support for Fisher's statements, including Caitlin Burles, who was the stand-in and picture double for Gal Gadot on Justice League. She commented on Fisher's Instagram retraction statement with a "LOL same".

Photographer Clay Enos liked Fisher's post on Vero as well, and Enos has talked a bit about Snyder's original cut of the film over the years. It's also worth noting that Snyder also liked this same post.

Stunt Double Richard Cetrone commented on Fisher's initial Instagram post as well, writing "Well done Ray".

Whedon hasn't commented on all this, but we expect some sort of statement at some point.