AMC's Summer Movie Camp Returns With $3 and $5 Tickets for First Time Since 2019

Skadoosh! That's the sound of AMC's Summer Movie Camp returning for the first time since 2019, bringing popular family titles back to AMC Theatres with $3 tickets (plus tax) on Wednesdays and $5 tickets (plus tax) on Saturdays. Beginning this Saturday, May 27th, family favorites Kung Fu PandaSonic the Hedgehog 2Shrek 2, and Minions: The Rise of Gru are among the 14 rotating titles that will run through August at the discounted ticket price. Approximately 400 AMC locations throughout the U.S., including every AMC Classic location, are participating in the AMC Summer Movie Camp program, which offers dedicated showtimes on Wednesdays and Saturdays (starting between 11 a.m. and noon).

"For generations of moviegoers and families, the warm summer months meant daytime trips to the movie theatre. AMC Summer Movie Camp was designed with that feeling in mind, when school is out and there's free time for fun," Elizabeth Frank, EVP, Worldwide Programming & Chief Content Officer, AMC, said in a statement. "Through the return of this exciting program, moviegoers of any age can enjoy a popular film on the big screen, at a value that ensures that it's accessible to everyone, and groups of all sizes."

Tickets are available now on the official AMC Theatres website. Below, see the full list of AMC Summer Movie Camp titles and release dates:

AMC Summer Movie Camp 2023 Schedule

May 27th and May 31st: The Land Before Time


Orphaned after his mom dies protecting him from a massive "Sharptooth," the young dinosaur, Littlefoot, sets off on an epic adventure to reach the "Great Valley," a place where he can be reunited with other "longnecks." The journey is long and treacherous, but made a whole lot easier with the help of his new dino friends he meets along the way in 1988's THE LAND BEFORE TIME.

June 3rd and June 7th: DC League of Super-Pets


When Superman, Batman, and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped by Lex Luthor and his evil guinea pig, it's up to Krypto the Superdog to turn a group of stray animals into a powerful team of super-pets. Without his devoted Superman to help him, Krypto must learn what it takes to be a hero as well as how to work as part of a team in the 2022 animated adventure, DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS.

June 10th and June 14th: Minions: The Rise of Gru


Years before becoming the planet's premier supervillain, a young Gru first tried to join the ranks of the all-star baddies called the Vicious 6 after they kicked out their longtime leader. But in 2022's MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU, the aspiring evildoer quickly learns that your heroes can't always be trusted, a mistake that leaves him on the run with nothing but his wits and a small army of Minions.

June 17th and June 21st: Paw Patrol: The Movie


When the mustache-twirling Mayor Humdinger makes himself the leader of Adventure City and brings chaos to the booming metropolis, it's up to Ryder and his Paw Patrol to save the day in PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE. With the help of new gadgets, awesome vehicles, and the newest member of the heroic group of pups, Adventure City is in good hands, err, paws in this 2021 animated adventure.

June 24th and June 28th: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish


After coming to the realization that he is down to his ninth and final life, the swashbuckling Puss in Boots goes on an epic quest to find a magical wishing star that could make his dreams come true. In 2022's PUSS IN BOOTS: THE LAST WISH, Puss finds himself in a race to beat the clock, and an assortment of fairy tale characters, which forces him to rebuild some old bridges if he's to make it to the finish line.

June 30th and July 5th: Kung Fu Panda


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and Po sets out to prove that and become a kung fu master in the process in the 2008 animated romp, KUNG FU PANDA But that will be no easy task for the lazy and clumsy panda, as he will have to face the villainous Tai Lung and prevent the evil snow leopard from destroying his village and way of life.

July 8th and July 12th: Trolls World Tour


Released in 2020, TROLLS WORLD TOUR follows Queen Poppy and Branch as their lives are thrown into disarray upon discovering that not only are there other types of Trolls throughout the world, each having their own distinct music preference and culture, but an evil Troll is trying to steal all their strings so that she can rule them all.

July 15th and July 19th: Mummies


A group of ancient mummies – a princess, a charioteer, and his little brother, and their pet crocodile – are transported to modern day London with only one way to get back home: find a ring stolen from their homeland that was given to the Royal Family. Adventure and hijinks follow in the 2023 "fish out of water" animated comedy, MUMMIES.

July 22nd and July 26th: The Secret Life of Pets


Max, a small terrier living in a New York City apartment, lives a life of comfy beds, endless bowls of dog food, and all kinds of luxury. But that all comes crashing down in 2016's THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS when his owner adopts a new dog, who gets both of them in a sticky situation that could end up with them on a one-way trip to the pound.

July 29th and August 2nd: The Boss Baby: Family Business


Tim Templeton and his brother Ted, now fully-grown adults, are transformed back into babies after ingesting a magical formula. But the accident ends up working in their favor in 2021's BOSS BABY: THE FAMILY BUSINESS, as the estranged brothers are able to go undercover to prevent a plan that would bring chaos, destruction, and massive temper tantrums to the world's population.

August 5th and August 9th: Shrek 2


Upon returning from their honeymoon, Shrek and Fiona find an invitation to visit the princess' parents in the Kingdom of Far Far Away. But the warm welcome from the new in-laws is short and definitely not sweet, as Fiona's parents are shocked to learn that their daughter married an ogre instead of Prince Charming. But a bad first impression is soon the least of the couple's worries in 2004's SHREK 2.

August 11th and August 16th: Sing 2


Buster Moon takes his roster of singing and dancing animals to Redshore City to reach new heights, and a larger audience in SING 2. But after making the mistake of telling the owner of Crystal Entertainment that a reclusive former rock star is the star of the show, Buster finds himself in an incredibly tense situation in this 2021 jukebox animated comedy.

August 19th and August 23rd: The Croods: A New Age


The Crood family thinks they've found a new and safe place to call home after discovering a walled-in oasis that will protect them from all the dangers of prehistoric life. But they soon discover trouble in paradise after meeting their new neighbors, the Bettermans, who, for lack of a better term, are a little more evolved than the cave people at the center of the 2020 animated comedy, THE CROODS.

August 26th and August 30th: Sonic the Hedgehog 2


After escaping the mushroom planet with the help of Knuckles, Dr. Robotnik returns to Green Hills to defeat the blue blur once and for all in the 2022 video game adaptation, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 But Eggman isn't the only one with a new friend, and Sonic's biggest fan, Miles "Tails" Prower comes to the rescue just in time. An epic and hilarious adventure awaits.