Andrew Garfield Compares Making The Spider-Man Films For Sony To "Canning Coke"

Andrew Garfield's got 99 Homes, but Marvel ain't one.99 Homes is the first post-Spider-Man film [...]

Andrew Garfield's got 99 Homes, but Marvel ain't one.

99 Homes is the first post-Spider-Man film for Garfield, which means the 32-year-old actor has to spend a majority of his time fielding questions pertaining to his dead comic book movie franchise than about his upcoming housing market drama.

In a new interview with The Playlist, Garfield thinks one of the main issues his Amazing Spider-Man films had was that Sony tried to please as many demographics as possible -- comparing the studio's efforts to a mega-conglomerate like Coca-Cola.

"The pressure to get it right, to please everyone… it's not going to happen...You end up pleasing no one, or everyone just a little bit," Garfield told them. "Like, 'Eh, that was good.' [The films are] mass-marketed, like 'We want 50-year-old white men to love it, gay teenagers to love it, bigot homophobes in Middle America to love it, 11-year-old girls to love it.' That's canning Coke. So that aspect of it was a bummer. Especially for the group of us trying to infuse it with soul, trying to make it unique, something that was worth the price of entry. It was about authenticity, flavor, and truth, but at the same time, I understand people want to make a lot of money, and they're going to spend a lot of money so the playpen can be as big as it was. I can't live that way; it sounds like a prison, to be honest, living within those expectations."

After losing a role that he dreamed of a child you would think Garfield may swear off another high-profile film role for a bit, but that's not so. "I'm not going to shy away from something that a lot of people are going to see," he said. "F*ck it, bring it on, life's short."

Tom Holland's Spider-Man/Peter Parker will make a cameo in Captain America: Civil War, which will arrive on May 6, 2016. He'll then star in the Jon Watts-directed solo Spider-Man movie to be released on July 28, 2017.