Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: Jonathan Majors Explains How Kang Is Different Than Thanos

Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania star Jonathan Majors broke down how his villain is different than Thanos. In an interview with CinePOP, the Kang the Conqueror actor explained that while his bad guy follows after the Mad Titan, there is a gap in power. As evidenced by Avengers: Endgame, time travel is absolutely on the board for everything since. You've seen time travel and different universes come into play during Phase 4 of the MCU, and that pace is only going to quicken. Doctor Strange told Spider-Man that they knew little about the Multiverse and that's exactly Kang's domain. The Avengers had a rough go of it with Thanos in just this one dimension. How will they fare against an eventual army of Kang's forces from multiple realities. Check out his compliment to Thanos down below.

"It's hard to say. I think Thanos was an incredible villain," Majors said. "We only got to this stage because of Josh Brolin's great work [as Thanos]. I understand the comparisons between Thanos and Kang, but they are completely different worlds."

If that weren't interesting enough, director Peyton Reed also brought up the big purple guy as it related to the upcoming film. Sure does seem like Kang is punching at a different weight class."[Quantumania] is the biggest adventure that Ant-Man and Wasp have ever gone on. We're going to some strange places and we're encountering an antagonist unlike anything they've ever experienced. And that includes Thanos."

One Major Difference With Kang asked Kevin Feige about this very question at Comic-Con and the Marvel Studios president left little doubt that Kang is a force to be reckoned with.

"It comes down to the cast and with Jonathan Majors, who I think took over the Hall H stage, you know, in the three minutes he was up there," Feige explained. "It's amazing, and I said to him there's nobody's shoulders I'd rather be putting the multiverse saga on than his. It's really impressive what Jonathan Majors is able to do and all the different incarnations, variants, if you will, of Kang that we will see him do. It's really pretty cool."

"What I love is that he's totally different from Thanos. That he is completely different. That it's not just how about there's a bigger purple guy with a helmet? That's not what Kang is. Kang is a very different type of villain and the fact that he is many, many different characters is what's most exciting and most differentiates him." The Marvel Studios President continued.

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